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M1 Chopper scooter review

M1 Chopper scooter review

June 13, 2021

M1 Chopper scooter review from Rich rides

hello and welcome to rich rides this week and on an eco chopper so as you can
see I'm on this blue one and John who is the owner of Samui eco choppers.

so strange experience riding on the fat tire electric scooter, it feels like a electric big wheel but there's no noise cuz it's electric and you're super super low so as the weather and name suggests of samui eco choppers i'm not in the UK this week i am in the island of koh samui in Thailand so i've literally just set off only been going a couple of minutes and the first thing that surprised me is how easy this 2 wheel electric scooter is to ride. I thought with such a long rake and big handlebars it was going to feel a bit strange and it hasn't at all.

And i think because you don't have any gears or brakes with your feet and that makes that aspects a lot easier. Because I'm obviously not usually used to forward controls brakes themselves the good rear brakes decent front brakes decent suspension wise just perfect timing as we go over a load of really badly
bumpy tarmac there then yes suspension it's a hardtail fat scooter so I was expecting fat tire electric scooter to be really rough but it's not actually considering but I did spot that under the seats you probably can't see on the electric big wheel in front but under the seat itself is a small shock absorber and spring so that seems to take a lot of the pressure away from your bomb so as far as seating position it's super super comfy in this seat is as well it's got the decent sized padded seat so from a comfort point of view it's great and this riding position as well is really cool just like any Cruiser really then it lends itself to be nice and comfortable so with this beat electric a lot of people straightaway ask about range these are 60 kilometer range on the lithium batteries that they have but 60 kilometers office Li isn't huge but for something like this it's absolutely fine. 

and again on an island like this electric big wheel it's absolutely perfect for just local nipping around and again it's something very very different already the number of people that have just been sort of pointing and staring really shows how much this thing stands out so as for controllers and it's all pretty standard it's very similar to a scooter so over on the left you've got your rear brake on that lever you've got your indicator switch your headlights and horn and then on the right you don't have a kill switch it just has the ignition with the key but you have three different power modes so I'm currently in the top to be honest I think everyone would always just have it in top and that's about it really so a super super simple there's no gears
to worry about or anything so for what this is designed for so I said before it's perfect cruising on an island like with this fat tire electric scooter.

you'll have lots of tourists and people who aren't particularly used to riding motorcycles that would normally rent the fat tire electric scooters then this is a really good alternative it's way cooler than the scooter obviously it's perfect for getting around the island so performance wise there's the three modes that I mentioned the motor itself is a woman half kilowatt motor and the top speeds about 45 K the next version of these that's just coming out has actually got a 2,000 kilowatt motor. so that will obviously increase the top speed as I keep saying though for what these things are designed for you don't need top speeds through the men for exactly what I'm doing now so cruising down the sort of Boulevard by the sea so you don't want to be zooming past the power delivery itself is super smooth. 

As with all electric vehicles then you have all you talk from zero revs so setting off is great you could twist the throttle as well to some dope-ass things you can give it a full handful of throttle and it's never going to catch you out so handling wise it does take a little bit of getting used to but that's the same as anything with this sort of break with it being a hardtail obviously then you probably don't want to hit too many bumps mid corner but yes I think it's just a case of getting used to see because the fat scooter it's so light then it does feel quite flickable you never wrestling the thing around it feels more like a motorbike than something like a scooter does it doesn't feel like sort of glorified electric bike which I wasn't sure whether it would or not it definitely feels like a motorcycle rather than bicycle so on to my positives and negatives so the big positives for me are the looks of fat tire electric scooter the thing there's any denying how cool they are the second thing is the sort of quality and how it feels with these kinds of things you're never sure what they're going to be like but with this it actually feels really solid.

really planted they're only quite light about 70 kilos but I think because you're sat so low in the center of gravity because the battery is right at the bottom and the electric big wheel just feels totally planted and totally solid it doesn't crush over bumps or anything and these low speeds its controllable as well now think that big back tire really helps and as you can see with only just moving here and it's easy then the third thing for me is it's sort of eco credentials really then whether we like it or not then internal combustion engines have only got a certain life especially in places like this in Asia and the amount of scooters and in the centers you're now getting so much smog and that kind of thing that the more electric vehicles the better really and some people will say it's not fast enough at forty five K's it's not fast enough if you want to go on the motorway but for what we're doing here it's absolutely perfect.

The only of the slight negative that I've noticed is the fat tire electric scooter dials are quite difficult to read, because you have the song obviously blasting down and it's sort of midday here anyway so it's the worst possible time
then the dials are difficult to read in the bright sunshine but that's it really
that's the only sort of negative I can find it may even be adjustable as well
for the lot of these sort of LCD displays you can adjust the contrast on

so that may be a thing so in summary what do I think, I think these fat scooters a perfect what they're designed for and perfect for this sort of environment if you want, something to get around don't just want what everyone else has which of these, little fifty or one to five CCS scooters. something a bit cooler then this is the perfect choice in my opinion so that trick so you don't have to worry about fuel you just take the battery out and charge yourself 60 kilometers range, is fine and a small island like this the speed is final with small island like this even here where we're going up a fairly steep incline it's just pulling, so it's absolutely fine oh yeah it's a big thumbs up for me really enjoyed.

being out on this today wasn't sure what to expect it's been fantastic so finally, I just want to say a huge huge thanks to John of Samui eco choppers do go check
out the Facebook page there's more, information about these and very soon, you'll be able to hire the fat tire electric scooter here on the island so I hope you found that useful I say I try to bring some different things to the channel as well as sort of normal motorbike reviews so hopefully that was of interest do leave any sort of comments please like the video and subscribe so thanks again for watching and see you again next week.

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