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Portable Power Stations

A smaller, mobile UPS rechargeable battery-powered generators, also called Solar Generator. Equipped with AC outlet, DC carport and USB charging ports, these versatile, cooler-box-size gadgets are ideal for extended camping trips, construction sites, and other unexpected situations. Whenever & wherever else you need a reliable source of electricity while on-the-go, -- to keep your phone, power tools and other electronics prepared anytime.

  • "The best power stations should offer enough capacity to charge smart devices and small appliances multiple times, hold up in the event of inclement weather or power cut, and have a variety of charge ports to be compatible with a range of plugs.

Portable power station features in a variety of portable outlets (Model 320W): 2*AC outlet(100V/110V OR 220V/240V), 1*DC port(2 *12V/4A) 3*high quality USB port (2 *5V/2.4A) and 1*Quick Charge 3.0 USB port (18W MAX, 5V-12V), and cigarette lighter. Power your smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera, light, drones, fans, in-car appliances, CPAP machine and more at anytime.

Compared with a gas powered indoor generator, a battery powered portable solar generator is working without noise, fume and pollution. And it can team up with a compatible solar panel, you can get the energy from the sun power, it is renewable and economical in the long terms. As the name suggests, it is portable, you can take it anywhere anytime.  

It usually come with 100W, 120W 135WH 35000mah, 320W 307WH 96000mah, 500w 540WH 150000mah, 1500W 1280WH 400000mah, 3000W 2688WH 840000mah.