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Shop top-quality e-bike parts and accessories including electric bike motor controllers, bike chargers, and ebike displays. Our electric bike replacement parts include Ouxi V8, CMacewheel, EKX bike, Idpoo electric bike, Sameway e-bicycle and AKEZ electric bike.

Ouxi V8: The Ouxi V8 fatbike combines sleek design with high performance, featuring a robust Super73 alike design and Dual battery version possible. Perfect for both city commuting and adventurous rides.

CMacewheel EBike: CMacewheel bike offers versatile e-bikes with dual motors (KS26) and fat tire for vary terrains, ideal for both urban environments and off-road trails.

EKX eBike: EKX Bike deliver exceptional power (3000W EKX X21 Max) and endurance, equipped with advanced sports design for a smooth and reliable ride on any terrain. Best Surron Alternatives in 2024.

Idpoo Electric Bike: Idpoo IM-J1 EBikes are known for their strong motors and extended range, making them perfect for riders seeking both speed and distance.

Sameway Bike: Sameway E-Bikes offer a blend of comfort and performance, with innovative designs (NFC ebike) and reliable components for a superior riding experience.

Engwe Electric Bike: Engwe Bikes feature cutting-edge technology and high-performance motors, providing an excellent balance of speed, power, and durability.

Akez Bikes: Akez Electric Bikes are designed for both style and performance, offering powerful motors, long-range batteries, and a comfortable ride, ideal for city commuting and off-road adventures.