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Single-Rider Golf Cart Benefits:

Speed up the round

Nothing makes us better golf players than having more time on practicing. When single rider golf cart make it in three hours and a half, versus five hours, it speeds up play dramatically but still without rushing, It doesn't sacrifice experience at all

Adds Fun and Speed

Single rider golf scooter or Golf motorcycle resembles more of a dirt bike or Harley, fun factor has been the biggest selling point. “Am getting a bit old to walk a full 18 hole round, but still want to look cool.” Mark from Western Australia.

Fat tire, big wheel scooter, less weight, protect the course

Because the single rider golf carts usually are made from fat tire scooter, weigh much less, low pressure turf tires which are extremely golf course friendly, and less maintenance for the grounds crew.

Multipurpose vehicle

The idea that an electric golf scooter could be more of a liability than a regular golf cart. Golfers could ride it as a golf bike, or a golf motorcycle, DIY to moped surfboard rack scooter, be able to ride on sand or snow thanks to its fat tire design.

Stay Focus

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