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Cmacewheel GW20 electric bike review

Cmacewheel GW20 electric bike review

October 03, 2021

Cmacewheel GW20 Fat Tire Bike review

During the pandemic, traveling became increasingly difficult. Don't worry, there is an alternative that is both safer and more comfortable: riding an e-bike. Two-wheelers are one of the simplest methods to travel to our destinations because they avoid the sometimes interminable throngs of cars, saving us a lot of time. This is where a very intriguing electric bicycle comes into play; we're talking about the CMACEWHEEL GW20 folding electric moped bike, a vehicle that provides a number of advantages when used.

For the time being, we'll be talking about the CMACEWHEEL GW20 folding electric moped bike, which stands out among its many components thanks to its folding practicality, versatile design, and powerful three-mode power.

 Cmacewheel GW20 e-bike

Cmacewheel GW20 e-bike tech specs:

Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

Battery: 15AH

Battery Voltage: 48V (54V)

Charger voltage: 100-240V 2A

Motor Wattage: 750 W

Gears: Five gears

Tyre: CST 20*4.0

Brake: disc brake

Gradeability: 30°

Max speed: 45 km/h

Mileage of pure electric: 40-60KM

Mileage of assistance: 70-110KM


Design of Cmacewheel GW20

Positively, we desire comfort and flexibility from our mobility strategy that matches our lifestyle and makes things easier for us, and the CMACEWHEEL GW20 foldable electric moped bike delivers in this regard.

Basically, because of its capacity to fold, it can save you money. By nature, the region provides items with tiny aluminum alloy shells; At the entryway, a strategically placed LED beacon.

Snag cushioned seats, adjustable seats, and steering wheel; forestal splashing with the plastic protector on top of rear wheels. The CMACEWHEEL GW20 electric moped bike is about 27 kg in weight.

The front of the CMACEWHEEL GW20 e-bike has a storage basket that may be used to buy veggies, making it a more intimate design. The CMACEWHEEL GW20 electric bike uses a 48V 750W high-capacity lithium battery, which has the same weight as a lead-acid battery of the same standard. Lightweight, and equipped with a battery lock.


Cmacewheel GW20 electric bike uses a powerful 48V 15AH Lithium-Ion battery that is easily detachable. It takes about 7 hours for this battery to recharge to 100 percent. The battery is protected against deformation by being housed in a cage beneath the seat, rather than inside the frame's central bar.

Cmacewheel GW20 electric bike battery


GW20 electric bike has a 750W ultra-powerful motor, which is three times more powerful than a typical electric scooter. The 750W ultra-powerful motor installs very efficiently, extra labor-saving.

GW20 electric bike motor


The range of the Cmacewheel GW2O electric bike is 40-50km and the battery life in moped mode is 70-100 km.


Under the right conditions, the engine will be capable of reaching speeds of up to 45 km/h and will be able to create enough force to climb slopes of up to 30 degrees (at slower speeds of 30 km/h).

Disc brake

The CMACEWHEEL GW20 electric bicycle has a double-disc brake, which makes it safer and more dependable. You can enjoy every ride with disc brakes. Safety and security 110 massive drum brakes in the front and rear, reducing braking distance and allowing for a longer mudguard design.

Cmacewheel GW20 e-bike disc brake


The Cmacewheel GW20 electric bike has a headlight and a phoenix honking horn. There is a bright rear light with three illumination modes that can ride in the dark. 


The 20 x 4.0 tires of the CMACEWHEEL GW20 are explosion-proof and puncture-proof and are appropriate for all types of terrain. Riders can enjoy optimal traction and a smooth ride with 20*4.0 anti-skid fat tires. 

Cmacewheel GW20 electric bike tire

Wight and size

Because the Cmacewheel GW20 e-bike is tiny and light (26 kg), it may be carried and stored almost anywhere. Its dimensions are 170 x 115 x 100cm (L * W * H). 

Speed transmission

Cmacewheel GW20 electric bike also has a five-speed shift. The bike has three working modes, which you may switch between by pressing a power button on the handlebar. There are three types of these: manual, power-assisted, and totally electric. With the assisted and electric modes, you can switch between 5-speed assisted.

Cmacewheel GW20 e-bike


The GW20 e-bike cushion has an ergonomic design, which has radian comfort, outstanding elasticity, effective ventilation, and long-term work. Adjustable seat and handlebars allow for a 5 cm extension, ensuring that those standing between 1.75 and 1.90 meters have no difficulty driving.

Cmacewheel GW20 e-bike


Cmacewheel GW20 electric bike comes with an electronic instrument with an LCD screen that displays power, gear, mileage, and speed data. It's worth noting that GW20 e-bike screen came with two different orientations: one horizontal and the other vertical.

Cmacewheel GW20 e-bike display

USB charger

In addition, the USB mobile phone bracket is powered up.

Shock absorption

The high-strength shock absorber front fork allows you to be more relaxed and comfortable when riding, and no longer afraid of bumps.

GW20 e-bike

Additional features

A storage basket is included on the front of the CMACEWHEEL GW20, which can be used to purchase veggies. A shopping basket and a rear baggage rack are included in the package, both of which are removable for user convenience.

GW20 e-bike basket

The IP60 water resistance is useful on rainy days.

Collapsible for easy storage and transport, ideal for city, commuting, short trips, shopping, daily use, and so on.


Comfort and versatility, which fits to our lifestyle and makes it easier for us, are unquestionably what we require from our mode of transportation. The CMACEWHEEL GW20 Folding Electric Moped Bike is great in this regard, owing to its folding capacity, which allows you to conserve room. In citiescooter sale, you can get it for $1142.


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