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Cmacewheel Y20 electric bike review

Cmacewheel Y20 electric bike review

August 03, 2021

Fat Tire Cmacewheel Y20 Bike Review

Cycling is a fantastic activity to participate in. Electric bikes will keep you active, allow you to enjoy biking, and, most importantly, allow you to appreciate the outdoors. We craved for the peace that an e-bike offers to live, and it's becoming more popular as a green alternative to polluting autos. The CMACEWHEEL Y20 electric moped bike is powerful, inexpensive, durable, quiet, attractive, simple to operate, and can provide hours of entertainment! With an integrated lighting and shock-absorbing suspension, this performs admirably in the city or on light off-road terrain. This is the bike for everyone, whether you're a commuter, a senior, a casual rider, or a sports enthusiast.

The CMACEWHEEL Y20 e-bike was created with a focus on aesthetics and the intention to provide products that both children and cyclists will like at first glance. They couldn't take their eyes off the bike, which had a sleek design that didn't look like an electric bike. Continue reading this blog if you want to learn more about this amazing electric bike.

 Cmacewheel Y20 e-bike

Cmacewheel Y20 e-bike tech specs:

Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

Color: black

Battery: 15AH Battery

Voltage: 48V (54V)

Charger voltage: 100-240V 2A

Motor Wattage: 750 W

Gears: Five gears

Tyre: CST 20*4.0

Brake: disc brake

Gradeability: 45°

Max speed: 45 km/h

Mileage of pure electric: 40-60KM

Mileage of assistance: 70-110KM


Design of Cmacewheel Y20

The CMACEWHEEL Y20 e-bike is a brand new electric bike that the Chinese language manufacturer expertly introduced. In comparison to prior trends, the Y20 e-bike will undoubtedly challenge the premium stage with increased autonomy, reduced weight, and a fashionable style. Traveling across the old city is tedious, and it is not the reason for any intentional halt.

Cmacewheel Y20 electric bike's chassis is composed of aluminum and weighs a total of 23 kg, making it far lighter than some electric scooters. The emphasis on design and finishing may be observed in the images of the presentation.

The wires are hidden in the best way possible by the body, and the presence of LED taillights in the handlebars is once again at the top of the range.

Weight and size

This Cmacewheel Y20 electric bike weighs only 30.6KG, making it easy to transport for girls. It can quickly relocate home to avoid theft. The folded dimensions are 95 * 75 * 48cm. The maximum load is 120 kg.

 Cmacewheel Y20 electric bike


Cmacewheel Y20 electric bike frame is made of a robust aluminum alloy that is lightweight and resistant to rust. The Y20's aluminum-alloy body is soft and sturdy, and it can carry a safe load of up to 120 kg.

The seat

The seat is ergonomically designed, with a high-quality thickened and high-elastic sea filling that makes long-distance riding more comfortable.

Cmacewheel Y20 bicycle half-handle sets have a lower failure rate and are non-slip due to their ergonomic design.


Night riding is safer with high-intensity taillights.


The 20 * 4.0 inch filthy tires are suitable for all road conditions, including snow, roads, beaches, and mountain roads, and provide greater stability when bicycling. The tire is rated for a 5psi-30psi, and has some bump absorption with its knobby tread. If you wish to go on excursions, we highly recommend lowering the tire pressure because it makes a huge impact.

Cmacewheel Y20 e-bike 

Motor and range

Under ideal conditions, the Cmacewheel Y20 electric bicycle's 750W high-speed brushless motor and detachable lithium battery can travel 30-50km (totally electric mode) and 50-90km (pedal assist mode).


The battery capacity is 15ah. You can either charge the battery on the bike or take it off to do so.


Multi-function Display: there are two varieties of multi-function displays, one of which will be supplied at random. With a multifunction LCD display, you can easily monitor your riding data, such as speed, battery level, odometer, and so on. The control screen is also resistant to earthquakes and waterproof, ensuring that it is unaffected by the environment, even in hot and humid areas.

 Cmacewheel Y20 e-bike display

Riding modes

Three Riding Modes: [Ride Aid Mode]-As you pedal the bicycle, the engine will assist you with constant power. [Fully Electric Mode]—All you have to do is twist the throttle (do not need to pedal). [Manual Mode]: Just like a regular bike, you step on the pedal.

Disc brake

The braking distance is effectively reduced by the front and rear disc brake systems, powerful and safe braking even in the wet.


Cmacewheel Y20 electric bike is 90% assembled before it is shipped; typically, you will need to install the saddle, pedals, and handlebar.


I can say that the compact physique of this CMACEWHEEL Y20 electric bike has given me the comfort of a great ride because of how easy it is to use. You used to have to get up very early to catch the bus, but now you can sleep a little later thinking on the mattress, which is ideal for short-distance rides.


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