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How Much a Golf Scooter Cost?

How Much a Golf Scooter Cost?

July 05, 2021

How much a golf scooter cost?

COVID 19 Effect on Golfing

One of the first sports, perhaps the first to officially announce their return to routine activities was golf, the dynamism of the sport, going from one place to another, the open space and the few people involved in the action have found adaptation measures less traumatic as the calendar continues to unfold.

From there, social distancing won't be an issue. You can find golf tee times gain great popularity so you won’t be on the course with a lot of people at once time and can social distance while still having fun. It is no wonder why golf is the best exercises for every age and gender. Now you need to bring your own buggies to travel on the green and of course, as a preventative measure, the mask between transfers and when speaking near the player in the case of a golf caddy. 

How to play golf during the Pandemic?

In times of the Covid 19 pandemic, so much of your favorite activities have gone out the window, while golf sports is nearly the only one thing you can enjoy whether indoor or outdoor.

Golfing safely guidelines:

Ride Alone (Single rider golf cart)

Bring Disinfectant

Leave The Flag In The Hole

No Celebratory Hugs Or High Fives

Wear A Mask

Keep Your Distance

Don’t Share Gear

Keep Groups Small

Follow Safety Precautions to a Tee!

COVID-19 pandemic impact on golf

Golf scooter cart - ride alone in style

Pace of play is better when you have 4 individual players going to their own balls instead of driving to one side, looking for a ball, hitting, and then the other (2 person cart)

There ARE many clubs with long-standing policies encouraging personal vehicle use on the course. A two wheeled motorcycle golf cart, similar to moped scooter or a electric bike with fat tires, single seated golf bag carrier, a fun alternative to typical electric golf cart. Golf scooter is speeding up the round intensively, making it more fun, encouraging ready golf and attracting new golfers.

How much a golf cart cost?

There are a variety of crucial models to consider each time when you considering buying a electric golf cart. As below:

  • New cars – $4,000 – 15,000
  • Used cars – $2,000 – 5,000
  • Legal street cars – $5,000 – 6,000
  • Required job models: less than $ 2,000
  • High-end models – $6,000 – 15,000

You might be able to find a model as low as $1,000 and one that exceeds $15,000. For example, on average, an EZ-GO golf cart can cost anywhere between $4,000 and $10,000. This all depends on the age of the vehicle, the condition, and whether it's battery or gas powered. While things totally different on golf scooter costs.

Top 3 Golf Scooter 2021

You can manually drag your golf bag around the course or you can make things fun and easier by getting a golf caddie powered by green energy. You can ride a traditional, full-fledged golf cart, or you can have your private golf scooter cart less expensive. Below fat tire golf scooters will turn your commute from hole to hole into the most entertaining part of your next golf game.

phat scooters vs Finn cycle

Koppla Swift Golf Motorcycle

The Koppla motorcycle golf cart is a lightweight golf bike with ATV tires, capacity for single rider, 2000W motor with 25A "quick-swap" battery easily get you and your golf bag around the golf court or climbs course hills without draining all your energy. Small rims and extra-wide tires become the best allies for this golf scooter. Ultra stability with flexible turning on the green. A must have collection for fun golf. Price $3299 including a scooter cooler box for chilled beverage on the back seat.

koppla golf scooter

Finn Cycle

The Finn golf cycle can move as fast as 15 mph, though we're not sure how many in miles or battery capacity. The Finn cycles copies the Bobcat golf cart motorcycle, with the golf bag sliding down the frame between your legs. You can have one at $3399, or rent them just like a bird or a lime electric scooter on APP, only if you happenly have a cooperated golf club in your area.

golf scooter

Phat Scooters

The Phat golf scooter is already available and is just one offshoot of the fat tire electric scooters that have been on sale for some time. In our testing we noted that it’s mostly an excellent golf cart bike, but it’s a bit rear-heavy and this can cause some controllability problems. Also, the kickstand is not useful in many situations. They have a top speed of 20 mph and travel 30-50 miles for an extra battery. Price for this golf bike at $3399 with $395 for shipping.

Phat golf scooter

How to choose a golf scooter?

  1. Design

We advise fat tire, as wide wheels are less apt to slide on grass, lose traction on wet, or fall into ruts on even normal trails. Smaller wheels give a rough ride when the ground get tricky. Also for quality riding, wide tires distribute the weight of the rider, the bike, and your gear across more surface area. What's more, a step-through design frame makes it very easy to get on and off the golf scooter cart.

  1. Motor

A motor converts electric power to mechanical power (or vice versa). Electrical power is voltage times current, more powerful output or bigger wattage helps to speed up more quickly and climb easier. Electric two wheel golf cart motor power usually starts from 1000 to 3000 watts.

  1.  Range

Battery capacity is always of much concern on electric cart, you need electric power be more durable, more affordable, and less maintenance, would be very annoying if your golf scooter cart melt to one bar during the game, below range according to battery:

12AH = 12 – 18 Miles ; 25AH = 30 – 35 Miles ; 2*20AH = 30 – 50 Miles

Remind: Uphills & tough terrain drains the battery 50%-60% quicker than common condition.

  1. Speed

For golf course safety, this isn’t critical to buy a electric golf scooter, if you want to ride your golf motorcycle on different occasions other than golf cart utility, then you’ll need vary speed modes.

  1. Attachments

Buying an golf electric scooter that can be personalized to your own preferences is a great option. Full range of golf cart accessories and parts to help you modify or repair your private cart would be very helpful. Easy installation or quick assemble procedure golf scooter would be a real lifesaver when putting everything in place.

finn scooters

Golf Scooter Comparison

golf scooter review
free shipping
extra shipping $395
extra shipping $395
free shipping
2 Wheels
2 Wheels
Trike Scooter
2 Wheels
Speed & Power
2000W 60V
2000W 60V
2000W 72V
1000W 48V
8mph, 13mph or 20mph
25.2 Ah
20 Ah
Not  disclosed
30-50 miles
30-50 miles
25 miles
Not  disclosed
Charging Time
4-6 hours
4-6 hours
8-10 hours
4.5 hours
What’s In Box
Golf Bag Holder
Scorecard and pencil holder
Carrier Rack
Cooler Box
Sand bottle
Removable Cooler
Drink holder
Scorecard and pencil holder
LED headlight
Sand bottle
Removable Cooler
Drink holder
Scorecard and pencil holder
LED headlight

Weight Capacity

350 lbs

350 lbs

300 lbs

250 lbs

Ground Clearance




Not  disclosed

Not  disclosed

Added Features


Cooler box included

Customized Color

Standard Black, other color +$80

APP: Users can unlock the scooter for rental use.



155 lbs

175 lbs

210 lbs (not including a bag)

80 lbs /92 lbs with battery



80”L x 30”W x 44”H

85”L x 32”W x 46.5”H

85”L x 30”W x 46” H.

72”L x 28”W x 42”H


2 YEARS (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor))

1 YEAR (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor)

1 YEAR (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor)

1 YEAR (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor)


Golf courts are running out of carts every weekend due to one person per cart policy these days, also golf carts are typically designed to zip around the course at between 12 and 14 mph maximum speed. The slow pace and overall inefficiency of “hole to hole” transport has been holding back the golfing community and leading to plenty of complaints on the green. 

Golf electric scooter is a fairly new method to make your golf game faster, deliver more speed, more efficiency and a better pace-of-play overall, great fun as well. As the old saying "nothing makes us a better golfer than having more time on practicing". Electric golf scooter and motorcycle is an effective way to cruise on court. So, would you prefer electric cart to do the job or just walking? Will you go for 4 or 6 seat golf carts or single rider golf carts? Any one of you may see other similarities besides the Phat and these two motorcycle golf cart concepts?  Let us know in the comment section to give your reviews and opinions below.

FAQ about golf electric scooter

Do golf courses allow golf scooters?

Yes, golf electric scooters are allowed on golf courses in general. But it may differ with the different state, city, and golf clubs. Personal golf cart or scooter is very unusual. Yet, make sure to confirm with your golf course owner whether you are allowed to use an private electric scooter on the course or not.

Do you need insurance to ride an electric scooter?

It is not confirmed whether you need insurance for an electric scooter or not. Anyhow, it is suggested to have a health insurance policy to protect yourself in case of injury.

golf scooter comparison

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