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How to choose electric scooter manufacturer as an importer?

How to choose electric scooter manufacturer as an importer?

December 26, 2019

How to choose electric scooter manufacturer as an importer?

Electric scooters are popular among young people for their fashion, lightness, and practicality. More and more electric scooter brands enter in. It varies from product price to quality, and there are certain safety risks. So how to choose a reliable and high quality electric kickboard manufacturer?

1. Check the scooter manufacturer scale and qualifications. 

Some scooter manufacturers do not have the ability to produce electric scooters. They are often produced by small factories, while large electric scooter manufacturers are often national high-tech enterprises. They have strong technical research and development capabilities and production capabilities. Strict quality management system, implementation of ISO-9000 or ISO-14000 international quality system standards, standardized production processes, strict quality control from raw material procurement to finished product delivery, product quality is relatively trustworthy. So far, Fanco is one of the largest electric scooter manufacturers in the field of foldable electric scooters. We are a member of the national high-tech enterprises, Shenzhen high-tech enterprises, and the official committee of UL. We has passed ISO9001, CE, BSCI, REACH, SGS, UN38.3, MSDS series of international authority certification, is one of the industry's first to pass the US UL2272 scooter safety certification company.  

2. Check product certification of scooters manufacturer

At present, folding electric scooters don’t have a worldwide standard, only the standards set by each scooter manufacturer. Product safety problems often cause spontaneous ignition or fire incidents. We advise clients check whether the scooter has been certified and what kind certifications it has. The certification standards are relatively objective and rigorous. For example, UL2272 scooter is recognized as the most authoritative safety certification in the world. Fanco electric scooter manufacturer integrates the spirit of craftsmanship into the entire process of manufacturing, from the procurement of raw materials to the production and assembly, each link is strictly controlled, not to miss any small details, even as small as a screw hole is not negligent. In order to achieve a higher level of safety, the world's most stringent UL2272 scooter safety standard test is performed across the line. The main core components of the battery, motor, and controller are selected from high-quality suppliers. The vehicle is subjected to safety tests, shock resistance tests, and charge and discharge tests during the production process. , Squeeze test, drop test, to ensure the highest quality and safety, each product can make consumers feel at ease. 

3. Check product structure and design

A good electric scooter can be expressed from various details. It must be a close combination of functionality and design. The appearance has a high degree of recognition. The comfortable riding experience runs through every detail, even in color. You have more choices to make folding electric scooters easy to use and look good.

Good user experience Here we focus on shock absorption performance and control systems. Shock absorption is to ensure that users can have a better riding experience when bumpy roads. Most electric scooters are not equipped with shock absorption systems, mainly relying on tire shock absorption, air tire shock absorption is better, and solid tire shock absorption The effect is relatively inferior to the air tire, but it will not burst, which requires consumers to weigh in the purchase.  

4. Check the main parts of the foldable electric scooter

Good folding electric scooters are different from the first selection of materials, and high-quality selection is the basis. The three core components of an electric scooter are the battery and the motor. As the heart of a folding electric scooter, the electric scooter battery directly affects the endurance and service life of the scooter. As the brain of a folding electric scooter, the motherboard affects control system, riding experience, accelerate and braking. The electric scooter motor is the engine of a car, which affects the running power. Now foldable electric scooters on the market mainly use brushless motors, which have strong controllability and low noise. Long-term use won’t be without demagnetizing or weakening, strong durability. So in general, large electric scooter manufacturer or well-known brands have a long-term business philosophy and will cooperate with regular battery and motor manufacturers. We Fanco technology, established a strategic alliance with the industry's first-class raw material suppliers, selected industry-leading Motor company Hanghong, Samsung battery from Elitop and Zhuoneng batteries, and all batteries passed the UN38.3 and MSDS inspection certifications, and obtained marine and air transport appraisal reports.

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