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26 inch electric bike

How to choose electric bike wheels

August 26, 2021

How to choose the electric bike wheels

Why the right bike tires matters?

The wheels are one of the most essential e-bike parts, they are keeping us glued to the ground, cushioning the small imperfections of the road surface and providing us with comfort and riding experience. For that very reason, to put it in some way, they are your feet while you are on the ebike, therefore it is necessary to choose the right tire that perfectly suits your exploring needs.

The choice of ebike wheel basically depends on 3 factors:

  • Underground
  • mission
  • safety

What types of electric bike tire are there?

They are mainly 5 types of electric bicycle tires.

(1). Electric Mountain bike

The mountain bike or MTB tire is widely used. It has a wide contact surface and typically has large cleats. The wide contact and the coarse profile offers great grip while turning or master different terrain, even in curves on loose surfaces. electric mountain bike wheels on asphalt are less recommended. You will not be able to roll so easily and effectively on the road due to the lower air pressure and the coarse cleats and consume a lot of energy!

(2). Trekking e bike

The city commuter bike tire is narrow and has a smooth profile. This makes it ideal for everyday commuters. Thanks to the smooth surface, it rolls very efficiently and easily on asphalt. Usually there are lugs on the side or a coarser profile, which secures the grip in curves. A big difference between cross bike and trekking bike tires is not apparent.

(3). City bike

The city electric bike wheel is just as narrow as the cross bike and trekking bike tire. It's even smoother and has hardly any lugs on the side of the tire. This makes the rolling behavior on asphalt even more efficient. 

(4). Road electric bicycle

The racing bike tire is even more extreme - it is even narrower and smoother. perfect as racing tires the winner in Formula 1. A minimal contact surface means minimal friction and therefore the best rolling properties on the road.

(5). Hybrid

The hybrid bike has unique characteristics: it is a mix between a road bike, a mountain bike and a racing bike, from which the shape of the frame is taken, while the more relaxed riding position refers to the city bike.

Hybrid electric bikes usually use the road bike’s 700c tire standard. This gives it greater stability and comfort. The wheels also have a high pressure and the rims used are light like those of racing bikes.

The hybrid electric bike are multiple uses. They are perfect for cycle tourism because they allow you to tackle long journeys and carry luggage. Ideal for sports and commuters, as they allow you to move easily and quickly on the roads. And for adventurous routes or simply as a leisure in your free time, for short or long trips ... in short, it is a bike that is suitable for all occasions!

    Which wheel size ideal for an ebike?

    The Anglo-Saxon unit of measure expressed in inches, which is very popular. It is used for ATV Junior tires, the ATV tires and BMX tires. We are talking about tire size in 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, 26, 27.5 or 29 inch. The full format, 29 x 2.30 for example, gives information about the outside diameter of the tire expressed in inch multiplied by the section of the tire, which represents its width.

    Most hybrid electric bikes now use 20-inch and 26-inch tires because they can provide users with a better riding experience.

    With a 20inch electric bike, you can ride a little faster, and you can feel it even on a short trip. The stability is better and the turning radius more practical than with wheels with a smaller diameter. We thus gain in comfort, performance and loading capacity, even if we lose at the same time a little compactness.

    26inch electric bike wheels are very popular. The size 26 wheels became the classic size, the default size, standard for many years. Between 1980 and 2010, they were installed on all mountain bikes. The name 26 inch refers to an external diameter of 650 mm, according to the French standard. According to the ETRTO standard, a 26 inch / 650 tire can have several internal diameters: 559 mm, 571 mm, 584 mm and 590 mm. However, despite the imprecision of the exact measurements, the 26 inch is commonly 559 mm. Now, they are mainly used in commuter bikes and city bikes, where handling, comfort and robustness are key.

    “large folding electric bikes” (26 inch): their possibilities in terms of stability, performance, and riding pleasure certainly explain the future boom in folding electric bikes, which are increasingly in demand in stores. These large folding bikes allow a sportier ride. They are well suited for cyclists who do not wish to use a bicycle rack to put it on the roof and will easily slide it, when folded, into the trunk of the car. These bikes have excellent frame dynamics and are very responsive.

    In addition to the wide variety of tires available on the market, many of them available with various width sizes for the same model, rims with different widths at the front and rear will be one of the trends to be followed by manufacturers from now on. This diversification of tires and rims makes it more necessary than ever to know exactly which tire width to choose to pedal at full capacity, since an inch more or an inch less can mean a drastic change in the way you ride.

    What wheel width to choose?

    The most common sizes range from 20 to 29 inch. In this case, the tire width varies depending on whether you ride a cross country (most used size 1.8 '' - 2.2 ''), a trail bike (2.25 '' - 2.4 '') or a fat bike (which obviously uses very thick tires, between 3.7 and 5 '').

    So what is an electric bike with fat tires?

    A fat tire electric bike offers some benefits for serious off-road cyclists. The main distinction of an electric bike with fat tires is, well, fat tires. Typical mountain bikes have deep-tread tires for good grip, but typically measure 1.6 to 2.6 inch in diameter. On the other hand, tires begin to be distinguished as fat tires with a diameter of about 3 inch and often have a diameter of 4 inch or more. Electric bikes with fat tires stand out a bit when you see them on the trails or the road. The size of the tires makes the wheels look similar to off-road bikes, although the mountain bike frame still remains.

    While conventional electric mountain bikes offer a lot of fun on the trails, you'll find that electric bikes with fat tires offer some benefits that may be right for you.

    For one thing, the fat tires are capable of providing superior grip when driving over rocks, mud and other surfaces that you can expect to encounter when taking racing to the next level. The extra surface distributes the weight of you and the bike over a greater area, which means you can enjoy faster forward propulsion on flat surfaces while taking on hilly terrain with greater ease.

    Another feature that incorporates this style of bicycles has to do with damping. Some experts assure that it is not necessary to carry a suspension fork on a electric bike with fat tire, because the electric bicycle wheels (due to their width and size conditions) can be inflated at very low pressures thus guaranteeing a kind of suspension at the moment of rebound or contact with the surface.

    On descents or descents with bends and technical steps of great demand, electric bike with fat tire is guarantors of safety. The feeling of well-being increases and the risks of falls or accidents are reduced because the width of the tire guarantees traction (greater grip) and increases the feeling of stability.

    For example, Fanco KS26 is an excellent choice for an electric fat tire bike built to dominate winding trails over rough terrain. The fat tires pair perfectly with the versatile seven-speed transmission and 750W hub electric motor, making it easy to pedal uphill and climb quickly. Fat tires help you strengthen traction and avoid skidding during winding turns or even downhill, giving you excellent command of the trails.

    Good quality electric bicycle wheels allow to have a bicycle with a more homogeneous, reactive and stable behavior at the same time. The robustness of a wheel and its good mechanical design guarantee the longevity of the whole. A tire assembly adapted to the use of the bicycle allows you to avoid most punctures, and to guarantee safe riding conditions in any situation. As we said at the beginning, the right choice is the one that seeks the balance between all these characteristics, according to our preferences and needs. With the information we have given you in this guide that you can easily to choose the fat tire electric bike.

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