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How to maximize electric scooter battery life?

How to maximize electric scooter battery life?

December 25, 2018

How to maximize electric scooter battery life?

Lithium ion battery is different from lead acid battery in many aspects, like usable capacity, cycle life, charging etc.

Battery pack is made of groups of individual cells. More specifically, 18650 Cells, a size classification for Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries with 18 x 65 mm cylindrical dimensions, usually 10pc or 12pc a group.

electric scooter battery pack

Electric scooters can go through 500-800 charging cycles, will last between 2 to 4 years before starting to lose battery capacity. depending on storage, use conditions and capacity. If you use your scooter properly, the battery life will be longer.

  1. Don’t operate the scooter battery below 32 F (0 C) or above 113 F (45C), cold winter in north, hot summer in south.

  1. Don’t store fully charged or discharged, charging cycles is not just numbers of plugging and unplugging, it’s refers to the number of complete charges. Keeping the battery topped off at its max voltage will diminish its life.

  1. Most manufacturers recommend to store between 30-50% charged and top them up to this level periodically for very long term storage, like shipping on water for 30days, usually make it 70% charged.

  1. Charging at a lower C-rate.Between 0.5 A to 2A is optimal. Some of the fancier chargers let you control this.

Which electric scooters good for commuting?

– They are more eco-friendly than driving.
– They are easy to take on and off public transport.
– They are faster than walking.
– Because they fold away, they are much easier to store than a bike.
– They require little effort so you can commute without getting tired.
– They save so much time making the commute faster and more fun.

electric chopper motorcycle

Economic Model

+ 5.5MPH
+ Lightweight design
+ Quick recharge
+ Pneumatic tires
+ Portable design

Classic model

+ Upgraded 350 Watt motor
+ 17 miles range on a single charge
+ Max speed of 18.6 miles per hour
+ Downloadable app and Bluetooth

Off Road model

+ Fastest scooter at 40MPH
+ Independent 1000W Motors controlling front and rear wheels
+ Fastest recharge time
+ Aluminum alloy body for easy carry
+ Lasts up to 50 miles between charges

fat tire electric scooter

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