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Intelligent Mobility - Electric Scooter

Intelligent Mobility - Electric Scooter

April 04, 2018

Intelligent Mobility: the smarter, greener, and more efficient movement of people and goods around the world, always related to the last-mile solution

Scooters, the new fashion in transport and fun in Intelligent Mobility

This is the new fashion in transportation and fun in city transportation. The concept is simple: You get on a best electric scooter, you ride, have fun and when you finish using it you can leave the scooter parked anywhere, as long as it does not block a sidewalk or in front of the store entrances.

It is also an entertaining, economical and ideal alternative to protect the environment and twist the arm to the traffic problem in our city.

They can reach a distance of up to 37 miles and a top speed of 25 mph. They work with a 250 watt motor, with optional Li-ion Battery capacity(from 4.4AH to 20AH), some even adapted with removable battery, an ideal back up solution when targeting a longer distance. There are also some off road scooters like segway, wide wheel electric scooter, fat tire citycoco, golf scooter launched into market recently, believe it or not, most of scooters produced in two mainly industrial area in China, YongKang in ZheJiang and ShenZhen in GuangDong.

“It is a new form of transport. I like it. I only use it for fun. I think it's a great idea. It's much better than just sitting or just walking on the beach, ”said young colleague student while trying to unlock a fat wheel citycoco, you scan it to unlock it and ride it as long as you want."

"They are cheap and help you get from one place to another very quickly," said a tourist, 22, also a fan of electric skateboards and motorcycle.

"It's affordable. You don't pollute the air with carbon dioxide and everything related to cars. It is pure fun. Honestly, I feel like a girl again, it's great. You can see the beautiful beach. What better view do you want? ” said a designer from an electric scooter manufacturer in China

Regulated by the Department of Transportation, there are currently few companies that offer the service: Bird, Bolt and Lime - each with an approved fleet of up to 500 devices. Other cities in the country are dealing with how to regulate the devices, presented as a solution for short-distance transportation in urban centers.

To use the scooters, Lime and Bird users must download the scooter app (mobile application) of the company they are using on their cell phones. After using them, they should be left in a place that does not block public roads (such as ramps, parking lots, building entrances, hydrants, etc.). To close the application, the user must take a photo of the parked scooter. Suppliers can then review photos and rate how well the device is parked. If a user receives numerous low scores, he can be excluded from the application.

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