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Eahora M1P Mangosteen chopper scooter 3000W conversion kits



Eahora M1P Mangosteen chopper scooter 3000W conversion kits

No matter your Eahora M1P Mangosteen scooter is 1500W or 2000W, if you want to upgrade to 3000W ( max speed 75km/h, 45mph, and much more powerful climbing, 35 degrees ), you need this 3000W conversion kits!


1 * 3000W Controller

1 * 3000W Motor+ Rear tire assembled

1 * 3000W Battery 60V 30ah 

1 * 3000W Charger

1 * 3000W power cable

1 * 30000W harness

1 * Brake post for 3000W

Apply to Eahora M1P, Mangosteen electric chopper scooter M1 / M1P / M8 / M2

Apply to M1 ( echopper 2.0  /  rooder r-804 / citycoco m1 )

M1P ( Madat 1P / chopper 3.0 /  citycoco m1p / Koppla cobra / eahora m1p )

M8 ( Madat 8 / echopper v8 / citycoco m8 / Koppla ELF / soversky m8 / eahora Emoto m8 )

M2 ( echopper m2 / koppla gator / rooder alligator / soversky m2 )

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Customer Reviews

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Conversion kit works speed and torque is as promised but only getting around 20 miles per charge on speed 3 disappointed with that but everything else is good


Best customer service ever!!
And the bike itself works great 👍

What is an Eahora M1P?

Mangosteen M1P chopper scooter is well known as Eahora m1p scooter too. It’s one of the most popular powerful adult chopper style Mangosteen scooter. It’s equipped with 2000W or 3000W powerful motor, 60V 20ah or 30Ah removable battery.

Why need upgrade Eahora M1P ( Mangosteen m1p chopper ) 2000w to 3000w?

For the Eahora m1p was issued with 2000W motor power certificate ( certificate of conformity and Manufacturer of Origin ) so all Eahora m1p and Mangosteen m1p chopper were equipped with 2000w motor. The 2000W motor can go to max 60km/h after release the speed. As an eye-catching awesome electric motorcycle, 60km/h seems not enough, you can upgrade it to 3000W and go up to 80km/h with a lot more torque, from 124N.m to 186N.m, that means you can climb 35 degrees steep slope without a problem.

What’s the Eahora m1p ( Mangosteen m1p chopper ) 3000W conversion kit includes?

For the Eahora m1p 3000W motor need match 3000W version controller and battery with 3000W BMS. Besides, In addition, in order to separate the 2000W and 3000W electronic control systems to avoid damage caused by wrong connection, Eahora m1p 3000W version uses different connectors. So you need change the harness wire, and power cable too.

How to upgrade your Eahora M1P chopper scooter ( Mangosteen m1p chopper )  from 2000W to 3000W?

step 1: remove the oil tank

step 2: remove the 2000W controller and remove all the connections from the 2000w harness wiring

step 3: remove all the battery plastic covers on the pedal, remove the power cable and motor cable, remove the rear brake and remove the 2000w motor.

step 4: put the 3000w motor ( with tire ) on (The brake column should be aligned with the slot,put motor wire downside)put the motor cable in the tube

step 5: assemble the 3000w controller (tight the screws ) connect power cable and connect with the 3000w harness wiring

step 6: connect the speaker

step 7: connect motor wires to the controller (yellow to yellow, green to green, blue to blue

step 8: connect the speed limit wire with power cable, and connect to the controller ( red is +, black is -)

step 9: Connect the motor hall cable, the convertor and alarm, the electric door lock cable, switch cable, rear light, speedometer, headlight, mobile charger cable, Brake cut-off switch, turning light, flasher

step 10: connect the battery and test the electronic control system.

step 11: finish the rest assembling.

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