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Cmacewheel GW20 20inch fat tire ebike



Cmacewheel GW20 Folding electric bike 20inch

20 x 4.0 fat tires, suitable for all kinds of ground.
The 750W powerful motor can reach 30-45km per hour.
48V 15AH Tesla large-capacity battery
Pure electric driving mode (40-60km)
Moped assist mode (70-100km)
Five-speed shift and disc brakes allow you to enjoy the fun of riding
Riding mode: 1. Electric-only mode 2. Cycling mode (without electricity) 3. Assistant mode

    German baking paint process, the frame is relatively high-end, suitable for white-collar workers.

    Foldable for easy outings.

    Pedal mode, moped mode, and pure electric mode for selecting

    The smart display shows: power, speed, power output, gear, kilometers traveled per boot.

    Max speed 45km/h
    Motor 750W Brushless motor
    Range 40-60km for electric
    Tire 4.0 CST wide tire
    Battery capacity 15ah lithium battery
    Gear 5 level gear
    Max. Loading 150kg
    Brake Front&rear Disc brake

    Folding Design Ebike

    folding electric bike

    This 20-inch electric bicycle can be folded out from the beam simply. They are Portable and practical. So you can easily and conveniently carry them on trains, private cars, RV, and boats. The perfect combination of folding and off-road can go anywhere with you. So CMACEWHEEL GT20-Pro is famous as an easy carrying Cruiser Electric Bike



    4.0 All Terrain Tire

    fat tire electric bike

    The 20×4.0-inch all-terrain fat tires are particularly useful when riding on a variety of surfaces including asphalt, gravel and dirt. Rough all-terrain tires are designed for different surface types, provide maximum grip and can take you anywhere.



    10.8ah x2 Battery Optional

    electric bike battery

    Two different options. We take into account the different needs of customers and meet the needs of special customization. When you need to go farther and there is only one battery, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. We provide you with a second spare battery, allowing you to enjoy longer riding pleasure and prolong your intimacy with nature. Get along time. If it’s just a normal commute or a short trip, you can choose a battery.

    Comfort ebike Seat

    ebike seat

    Comfort seat with shock absorbing elastomer. This is a lightweight foam seat made of high-quality waterproof artificial leather and filled with decompression function, bringing you a different comfort experience. The ED tower spring of the saddle base eliminates road or surface vibration that is usually directly transmitted to the spine, helping you to drive more smoothly and comfortably on off-road or flat roads

    750W Brushless Motor

    electric bike motor

    The GT-20 pro features a 750W rear-wheel-drive geared hub motor with a rated output of 750W + and a maximum torque of 80Nm, providing the ideal power for cruiser electric bike.  It dramatically improves your driving performance and gives you more torque and acceleration to climb hills you couldn’t climb before!


    Double Mechanical Disc Brakes

    750W electric bike

    The 110 large drum brakes front and rear,shorten braking distance, ensure greater stability and safety. Mechanical disc brakes can make braking easier and more effective. It is very convenient to use for beginners.


    Shimano 7 Speed Transmission

    ebike speedometer

    GT-20 Pro has 7 speed levels, gears help to increase speed, suitable for riding on rough terrain. When you are riding in high altitude areas, speed is not a decisive factor in determining the efficiency of the bicycle. Instead, the speed required is slower, and it just provides you with the right number of gears, which can effectively ride you on difficult terrain. Provide comfort and the best riding experience. 7-speed and 4.0 wide tires are best for each of us to explore


    Lockable Extended Suspension Fork

    full suspension electric bike

    The high-strength shock absorber front fork allows you to be more relaxed and comfortable when riding, and no longer afraid of bumps. The lock switch can be manually locked or opened depending on riding conditions. The separate fork-shaped bridge design makes the outer tube of the front fork stronger and effectively prevents dust pollution during riding.


    M8 Big screen LCD Instrument

    ebike display

    GT-20 PRO is equipped with a large-size computer, which is rainproof and durable. The status and data can be clearly displayed. The backlight allows you to see the screen clearly in a dim environment. The button operation is quick and easy to use. Together with the 25A brushless controller, it can work silently and is sensitive to the state of the electric bicycle.


    Smart Pedal Assist System

    ebike pedal

    GT-20 Pro cruiser electric bike has 5 different levels and is versatile, able to adapt to a variety of speeds and slopes when riding. You can also set the level to 0 so that you can ride a basic gear bike.Riding a pedal assist bicycle will feel that you are always in a relaxed low gear position, which is relatively easy to pedal.


    Wuxing Twist Throttle Handle

    handle bar ebike

    Our throttle is easier to adjust on bumpy roads, simpler operation mode, you can choose DIY cruise control function to save a lot of effort. Universal phone mount attached on the handlebar with USB port allow to use your phone fast


    Free Front Takeout Basket

    electric bike basket

    The GT20-PRO is equipped with a sturdy metal basket, which is quick and easy to install, and can hold 20 pounds of any items you want to bring. You can ride him when you go to work, school, or shopping.

    GW20 electric bike

    Cmacewheel GW20

    Mode GW20
    Size Overall size

    Bike length: 172cm

    Seat height: 92-103cm

    Handlebar height: 122-127.5cm

    Rear seat height: 65cm

    Size after folding 95*75*48cm
    Package Size 97*81*48cm
    Weight Max weight load
    of the rear rack
    Max. Loading 150kg
    Net weight 27kg
    Gross weight 36KG
    Battery weight 4KG
    Speed Top speed 30-45km/h
    Range Pure Electric: 40-55km
    Boost Mode: 80-110km
    Grade Ability 30 degree
    Battery Battery type 18650 Lithium battery
    Rated voltage (V) 48V
    Input voltage (V) 54V
    Battery capacity (AH) 20Ah
    Motor Motor power 750W
    Charger Input voltage (V) 100-240V
    Rated current 2A
    Other features Tire CST 20*4.0in
    Frame material Aluminium alloy 6061
    Gear 5 Gears
    Torque (Nm) 80Nm
    Charging socket European Standard Round Head
    Pattern 1. Electric-only mode
    2. Cycling mode ( without electric )
    3. Assistant mode
    Brake Disc brake
    Certificate CE / EN
    Tax Free Tax


    1 x CMACEWHEEL GW20 Electric Bike

    1 x Charger ( EU Plug )

    1 x Basket

    1 x Back Rack

    1 x Taillights

    1 x Reapir Tools

    1 x Manual

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