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Electric Scooter 500W


Luxury Electric Scooter 500W, All-Terrain SUV Scooter

1. Strong power 500W, maximum output power of 850W
2. Long battery life, support 150KM battery life
3. Brake safety, front and rear double disc brakes, electro mechanical double brakes
4. 10 inch explosion-proof vacuum off-road wide tires, strong grip and stable driving at high speed
5. The pedals are wide, so you can stand side by side with your feet
6. Portable battery removal, quick maintenance
7. Simple appearance, no exposed wires
8. Exclusive patent design, multiple patent protection

Frame: Aluminum alloy with license plate
Body color: Black,
Wheel size: 10 inch anti puncture Vacuum tire
Battery capacity: 36V/10.4Ah (endurance of 45km); 36V/15.6AH (endurance of 70km); 36V/20.8AH (endurance of 100km)
Motor Rated power 500W,Maximum output 1000w
Motor driven: Rear wheel drive
Electric speed: Maximum 40km/h
Maximum climbing angle: 25°
Charger: 42V/2A
Charging time: 7-8 hours
headlight : LED high-brightness front light 3w
taillight : Rear LED
Warning: Electronic loudspeaker
Brake mode: Front and rear disc brakes
Waterproof rating: IP54
Load range: 100kg

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