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Mangosteen Golf Scooter Battery 60V 25Ah


Mangosteen 60V 25Ah Lithium Battery for Swift Golf Motorcycle

Quick Swap Electric Golf Cart Battery: 60V 25Ah 2000Wh

1, CE RoHS UN38.3 MSDS Certified

2, Order ship in 2~3 business days. Fast shipping from US by UPS

3, Warranty: 24 months

Rated Voltage : 60v
Battery pack weight : About 10.5kg
Input: 110V-240V
Capacity: Upgraded 25AH
Discharging current : 30A
Battery type: Rechargeable lithium ion battery.
Output voltage: 40-67.2v DC
Charging current: 5A
Charging voltage: 67.2v
Charging current : standard 5A , max 8.5A
Product life: Cycle life More than 1000 times, DOD at 80%
Charging Temperature: 0~45C
Discharging temperature: -20~60C
Storage temperature: -20~45C

For Mangosteen Golf scooter Only, buy golf cart battery charger


  • A 60V 25Ah lithium battery will take 5~6 hours a full charge
  • Please always use the original charger to charge your battery
  • Get your battery on charge as soon as you receive it.
  • Remove that charger as soon as the battery is topped up, don't leave that charger plugged in for hours and hours.

Storage:Charge or discharge the battery to approximately 80% of capacity before storage. Charge the battery to approximately 80% of capacity at least once every three months. Store the battery at temperatures between 5 °C and 20 °C (41 °F and 68 °F). The discharge port and charging port should be clean at all times.

Handling Precautions:Do not disassemble, crush, or puncture a battery. Do not short the external contacts on a battery. Do not dispose of a battery in fire or water. Do not expose a battery to temperatures above 60 °C (140 °F). Keep the battery away from children. Avoid exposing the battery to excessive shock or vibration. Do not use a damaged battery.

Transportation Always check all applicable local, national, and international regulations before transporting a Lithium-Ion battery. Transporting an end-of-life, damaged, or recalled battery may, in certain cases, be specifically limited or prohibited.

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