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Cmacewheel RX20 max ebike

Cmacewheel RX20 max electric bike review

November 03, 2021 1 Comment

Cmacewheel RX20 max e-bike from Lssam

Here we are with video, I am Lssam and RX20 max ebike is not a bicycle this is a monster.

If you are looking for a very powerful bike for incredible climbs even at 45 degrees even if you weigh 120kg then this is the bike that I recommend for you. Because of power, the torque, the uphill thrust of the most powerful bike. We have seen on the canal is not even half the torque of the power of the uphill thrust of this bicycle.

 Cmacewheel RX20 max ebike

By activating the double engine, now we do the test of the usual climb. Now we are with two engines with the Cmacewheel RX20 going push to the maximum if you can do it.

We try the RX20 max ebike for the second time with two motors on the usual climb. We have a motor with absorption power of 750 watts mounted on the rear 20-inch wheelset for 4 inches of width both behind and in front. And some might think the absorption power of 750 watts behind and in front are added together becomes 1500 watts of expression power. In reality, this is not the case. Because the double motor and this is precisely the meaning of the double motor is much more efficient for the same absorption power compared to a single-engine. To a greater expression such as emission, power is one thing that will surely impress you.

 RX20 max e-bike

As for my surprise at the price, it is not only because RX20 ebike has two engines 750 watts. RX20 ebike also has two internal stopovers that manage the two motors. Not only do RX20 max ebike also has accessories of the things that, we certainly do not have in any other bicycle that exists that I have ever seen at this price. For example, that the rear led light in addition to acting as a braking signal. Cmacewheel RX20 also integrates the directional arrows which is a very important thing in my opinion.  That all-electric bicycles should have.

Electricity does not lack, that is always nice in an electric bicycle or even a scooter. The possibility to customize the options in the multifunction display, that we are now going to see in fact RX20 max ebike is customizable from a to z. The maximum speed of 40 km/h which can be possibly limited to the speed that you want 25km/h. I remind you that it is the road-legal one for electric bicycles and scooters. The initial strength with the bicycle assists you not only to the sensitivity when it starts to assist you both with the pedal assistance but also with the accelerator.

fat bike display

The accelerator is instantaneous from a standstill, but if you are going with a certain speed, it has a slight delay that you will notice. Only if you use the two motors because before starting the two motors, it must synchronize them together and this lasts less than a second. Causing a slight delay in throttle response. Not just as you have noticed the RX20 ebike is set up on 0 stark. Every part is from a standstill, but we can also change this setting and start the bicycle with the accelerator only after taking a certain speed. We can also set the cruise control which by default is not set.

You can see with Cmacewheel RX20 max comes a basket that is certainly very useful well. It may please someone may not like it but it arrives also a glove box also a pump and everything.

 RX20 max e-bike basket

Two fantastic hydraulic shock absorbers the one behind fixed and the one in front that can be locked or unlocked as desired but also adjusted as hardness.  This very particular saddle is both in form but also in sensation because it wraps completely mind the buttocks and all the cavities and bumps. And in addition to being super padded and also super-cushioned Cmacewheel RX20 max also included the luggage rack and a mobile phone holder and both the saddle and the handlebars are height adjustable.

 RX20 max ebike

RX20 ebike completely the accelerator and use the bicycle only with pedal assistance or possibly deactivate the pedal assistance. Using it only with the accelerator can have both active at the same time, exactly as the bicycle arrives. Once we pedal the pedal assistance works. Once we accelerate the pedal assistance is deactivated and the command passes at the accelerator.

We try the usual ramp with one motor and two motors with the RX20 ebike. Now we try with only one motor hours see if we do it only with the electric do it no stops and can not do it with only one engine. We try now with the double engine uphill at 26,26,25, 25 km / h. I try again the incredible thing is that it scrapes at the start but it's crazy.

As regards the gearbox mounted on Cmacewheel RX20 max. RX20 ebike have a Shimano shift with 7 sprockets behind it is a chainring in front so there are seven ratios. RX20 max ebike obviously arrives very quickly at 40 km per hour that.  Its maximum speed when it arrives is 50km/h.

 Cmacewheel RX20 max electric bike

The pedals are made of aluminum alloy and are not foldable we have two disc brakes in front and behind. They are mechanical, not hydraulic. The brake levers are in the aluminum alloy are very comfortable brakes, I must say very well to be mechanical and not hydraulic brakes.

Even if the wheel diameter is 20 inches, but we also have the tire to consider and accurately measure with the GPS both the maximum speed. Obviously, the faster you are more the GPS is accurate for, which measures the distance. Basically so I found the parameter 21.5 the most accurate. 

As regards the maximum speed you can adjust by changing the parameter p8 which at this moment is 100 even if the mixed reaches a maximum of 40 km per hour of speed. But we can possibly decrease this parameter to limit the maximum speed. As regards the management of the accelerator, and pedal assistance are unfortunately linked to each other, and the maximum assistance speed is decided both for the accelerator but also for pedal-assist via. the multifunction display. In fact, at this moment the display is set to zero. So the accelerator does not work, not even the pedal assistance a bicycle works exactly with the normal bicycle to pedal muscle and is active or not active. The double motor does not change anything.

fat tire electric bike

The battery is removable and rechargeable both separately but also inside the bicycle. The battery charger is supplied by 54.6v 2ah and the battery capacity is 15ah which is about 720 watts and is recharged in about seven and a half hours. Because per hour 2ah, so 15ah need seven and a half hours to recharge. The battery and the bicycle come with a couple of keys to lock the battery inside the frame. There is no current to the bicycle and we can extract the key.  The battery is activated and is giving power to the bicycle. We can also remove the battery and recharge the battery separately.

 RX20 max e-bike battery

The best thing is to have a battery capacity greater than the absorption power of the motor, which in this case is equivalent to the absorption power of only one motor. But if we activate both motors it doubles, but I noticed that this battery is of sufficient quality even higher than what the two motors require. But I recommend if you do not need to use the two eco motors activate only one motor and the battery will surely last you, more cycles over the years. And about the quality of the battery and to this battery to an integrated fuse, if something should happen we not only have the protection of the BMS, integrated inside the battery but Cmacewheel RX20 max also have this fuse that we can eventually change to restore it.

The operation regarding autonomy here there is a very important thing to keep in mind. Because here RX20 max ebike have the double engine and when it is active we have almost double consumption, especially in speed. So if you want to save a lot of energy here is when you need accelerated torque with the double engine.  When you reach cruising speed, you have one engine and leave the other active. And the maximum autonomy that you can get from the Cmacewheel RX20 only with the electricity of about 60 kilometers which obviously is halved to almost 30 or 35.

As regards the maximum autonomy with the pedal-assist you can also reach 110 kilometers as they declare and, yes you can do it with only one engine of course, and going at 15 or 20 kilometers per hour in short, from the Camcewheel RX20 max ebike you can get everything.

electric assist bike

On the right side of the handlebar, RX20 max ebike has the accelerator, which is actually a half accelerator. the brake levers are in the aluminum alloy are very comfortable brakes, I must say very well to be mechanical and not hydraulic brakes.

Cmacewheel RX20 can install the mobile phone holder in aluminum supplied, and here instead we have the multifunction display controls with the plus and minus buttons. we can adjust the maximum assistance speed while by repeatedly pressing the on/off button. Unfortunately, does not turn on the rear LED light. which, as we have said, works both as directional arrows but also as a stoplight, but does not work as a position light. Here we have the button to activate and deactivate the double motor. If pressed both motors are activated, if instead released the front motor right down. we have the directional arrows and underneath. RX20 max e-bike has the horn which integrated into the very powerful front light.

I hope I told you everything about this wonderful means of transport that someone will call a bicycle. Someone else will call differently. the fact is that bicycles were evolving and continuing and evolving probably in the future.

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paul wildman
paul wildman

April 01, 2024

Thank you Lssam, I found this review most informative as i am seriously looking at this bike – and am looking for reviews thereabouts. I appreciate your photos ciao paul

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