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fat tire scooter with storage box

Fat tire scooter Reviews from I technology

June 19, 2021

Fat tire scooter Reviews

Hello technology reviewers how are you guys! we got a great video for you today
this video is for the fat tire scooter and the world it's putting a lot of effort on the green energy. if you're struggling in the city with a large engine a large diesel engine, for example or if you want to switch to electrical power and electric bike, this video is for you and I recommend it to watch it.

so for you today guys I'm presenting the fat tire scooter of the electrical bike or big wheel scooter which has 1500 watts engine and the 60 kilometers economy depending on your optional battery.
so I tested both versions the register version ( EEC/CoC ) and the normal version. The register max speed 25 km/h so I Drive for mount or sole with these big wheel scooter and I can give you an honest opinion on both version. we have the 20 amps battery fat tire scooter we're going to give unboxing to the two big wheel scooter I'm going to show the two versions and what version are you having 20 amps lead to iron battery which well to my surprise the manufacturer says you can travel 60 kilometers and I travel 55 to 60 kilometers.

And it comes like this, with a metal frame. We have a typical charger at 67.2 volts for 2 amps.

fat tire scooter iron frame

so the EEC fat tire scooter have to us and they support two persons until 180 kilograms both versions are equipped with turning lights you can travel at night in the back in the front. And both versions have signal signal in your direction. in the left or in row well guys I got to tell you this is a great white or small motorcycle for the city we will find an air suspension on the back and on the front and what I like on this version is that the quality of the materials and the plastic is way better than the previous version and ventilated discs that are with fluid the brake discs are without for brake field you have to sit nice. Cushion is not leather but it's imitating leather imitating material I hope it will last in time you have cat eyes on sides to be visible in traffic and the backrest also here you have a storage compartment which you can put your groceries if you are I don't know if you're shopping in the city if you don't have a big space.

fat tire scooter with seat

Also you can lock it with a key to continue guys the handlebar it's a nice chrome material we have aluminum we have chrome plastic we have nice quality materials and also air suspension in the front we have a nice headlight that it's very visible in the dark it's a big Harley headlight you can recognize also the signal lights go with the photo Harley Davidson and what I like in particular for this model are the wheels and are 225 by 55 by 8 inch and are very big wheels for stability so guys this is the headlight I mounted a very powerful with a powerful LED we will make a review for this instead of the normal box or and also I'm mounted some LEDs for day running lights to be able to be seen in the traffic so when I turn on the engine
automatically the day running lights will be turned on and the signal direct signal lights you can activate it from the left handle of the bike but we will change it we will do other reviews for this bike we will do some modifications legal modification to this bike to be more visible in traffic because we are concerned first of all to the safety in the traffic quite new is it is little fellow horn so from this left handle you
can control the horn by pressing here the directional lights the directional signal lights left and right and we have also low beam and the high beam so in the back we also have lights and brake light and what you see is the position lighting and I switch from a normal ball to the two-generation extreme ultimum so it's very bright this is the brake light and this is the position or the day running light I leave it all the time dislike to be visible in traffic also we have the left directional signal light and the writing under the seat guys will have better the big 20 amps the gigantic better which has I think 7 kilograms and which is protected by a lock and if we are talking with the keys I got it this is the ignition key and this is the bigger key the manufacturer give us a lot of keys I don't understand why and the thing that is very useful is that you have a key which you can lock this handlebar and you cannot use the fat tire scooter anymore.

so we have the ignition the handlebar lock the battery in the back key the baggage compartment or the storage compartment whatever you want to call it
in the back and we have an additional floor compartment which you can store well I don't know a second better you can insert it here so it's great if you are working for something if you have your job at the 60 kilometers because with two batteries you can go and return with one charge so this whole thing is to carry second person on the back seat and their traveling light you don't have problems they can this is a nice footrest this bike is made from Aluminium is not that heavy but it's not light either so this is the position you are writing they are two mirrors, for the left one phone for the right to ensure it's safe to overtake or to do the traffic when you change the lanes well guys the head-up display or the board. Display it's illuminated it shows us how many kilometers per hour how is our speed it show us the remaining battery the state of the charge of the battery which full medium or discharged so the battery if I didn't tell you is 60 volts battery lead wire it to record the total number of kilometers but I uh I saw that it's not very accurate because when the battery is discharging it has let's say a half of the battery remaining the novels of kilometers photo kilometers are not recorded quite accurate so we have tournaments in the white in the left we have the break when you are breaking and the headlight which is the logging high beam.

Ok, let's test this fat scooter, I have a GPS on my wrist this galaxy samsung
galaxy SmartWatch and we'll see how is the speed comparing to this speedometer, now guys the traffic is a little lighter. I started my galaxy watch GPS speed track and I hope with this will be a match and the speed will be identical.

so as we stopped tracking GPS we have 42 km/h which is good so we have a delay of three kilometers but I think this footer can reach up to 50 km/h that on a real GPS r45 as the manufacturer limited or I think this is the top speed of 1500
motor electrical motor let's ride it one more time. 

so now I manage the 46 km/h and the speed is depending guys.if with the wind
pushes from the back world you if you are on a downhill but it's hardly it's limited to 45 km/h exactly like the manufacturers tell us in the description.

so guys subscribe that button will have a lot of video for the city coco big wheel scooter or the city coco fat tire electric scooter, whatever you want to call it it's fun to drive it's a lot of pleasure it's economical it's a green tool for the safety for the environment because we are concerned what's happening with our earth with our weather you see the weather is gone mad not only will save money with these article scooters you will arrive to your destination or to your daily job more rapidly than a car.

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