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The Best Single Rider Golf Cart 2022

The Best Single Rider Golf Cart 2022

November 20, 2021 6 Comments

Best Electric Golf Cart Brand 2022

-Is Single-Rider Golf Scooter Cart The Future Of On-Course Transit?

Playing golf is not just mentally but also physically demanding for many golfers, considering the average age of golfer in the U.S. is 54, while in recent years the popularity of golf among younger people has grown, and carrying an 18-hole golf bag can be a real challenge, not only does it cost energy to carry, it can also lead to sore muscles and poor posture. A golf motorcycle would be a worthwhile investment. The golf cart motorcyclegolf trike, golf scooter, golf motorcycle, or scooter golf cart - electric powered and unique design golf bike does the hard work on the golf course for you in no time at all. It can thus relieve your back, shoulders and legs. In addition, you can save your valuable energy and devote yourself fully on golfing.

Golf Cart

Why Single Rider Golf Cart Making Waves on Golf Course?

Golf is a traditional game and adoption of these golf electric has been slow, but the single rider golf cart revolution aimed at speeding up the game, making it more fun and attracting younger audience seems to have hit a tipping point.

As golf clubs continue to open after the pandemic of COVID 19, many golf courses are preferring single rider cart or no carts at all to meet social distancing guidelines, the golf motorcycle made a lot of sense even before the virus; faster play, more revenue for golf clubs, fun and something new in golf industry. But now it not only answers all these needs but also an appeal prior to this pandemic, become a necessity.

Golf Motorcycle

Golf Motorcycle Benefits: (Finn Scooter vs Phat Scooters)

Speed up the round

Nothing makes us better golf players than having more time on practicing. A gaggle of 3-6 golf motorcycle tooling around the course, as opposed to stuffing 4 players on one single golf cart, crisscrossing and bumbling all over the course is inherently inefficient, let alone difficulty navigating hills and wet cart path, when single rider golf cart make it in three hours and a half, versus five hours, golfers want to return to where they played a round in faster pace.

Fat tire, golf scooter, less weight

Because the single rider golf cart usually are made from fat tire scooter, weigh much less, low pressure turf tires which are extremely golf course friendly, and less maintenance for the grounds crew.

golf cart scooter

Adds Fun and Speed

Single rider golf cart scooter or golf cart motorcycle resembles more of a dirt bike or Harley Chopper, fun factor has been one of the biggest selling points. Though many thought this would be a way to attract younger golfers, others seen an increasing interest from an older demographic as well. “I'm getting a bit old to walk a full 18 hole round, but still want to look cool. A fine golf bike would be perfect for me” Mark from Western Australia.

Multipurpose vehicle

The idea that an electric golf scooter could be more of a liability than a regular golf cart. Golfers could ride it as a golf bike, or a golf motorcycle, DIY to moped surfboard rack scooter, be able to ride on sand or snow thanks to its fat tire design.

Protect the course; safer

You're not on your phone or drinking 12 beers through the course of a round. Folks treat golf carts like a jeep in open space, and when you're on a single rider golf cart, you have to be engaged the whole time.

The Best Golf Scooter Cart Brand

Below we compiled the list of top new scooter golf cart alternatives. Whether you are looking to buy a new electric golf cart today,or looking for buying advice, or just want to take a closer look at the current golf bike range on the market, this guide will helps.

Koppla Swift

Koppla Swift Golf Cart Scooter, a young brand in single rider golf scooter industry, with electric fat tires are a fun alternative to your typical golf cart bike. The Koppla scooter golf cart allows courses to increase the pace of play significantly over the more common and less efficient two passenger carts. It is engineered and built with passion to keep players with a diverse range of challenges, Koppla can also be driven as a standard big wheel scooter, it offers golf bikes and the motorcycle-like ATV tire, whether go golfing, hunting, fishing, or all of above, this golf motorbike will fulfill all your outdoor passions. Koppla is the most versatile single rider golf transportation. For these golfer players don't have room in their cart barns to store 4 passenger carts, this two wheel golf cart are a must have for personal or course use.

This affordable electric multi-purpose vehicle specifically designed for golf course owners who seeking a safe way adapt to COVID-19 social distancing. Not only are there tremendous benefits for golfers and golf courses, but also for these motorcycle addicts that do not allow anything to stop them explore outside every day. Koppla golf scooter even come with a headlight, the only golf scooter brand with LED headlights, make sure a safe ride home at nightfall. Want a custom versatile golf cart that no one else has? Buy the best selling and brand new single rider golf cart Koppla Swift at $3799 with $500 discount code KP500OFF.

Koppla golf scooter

Golf Board

The golf board is similar to surfing board, skateboard, or snowboard, that’s why it’s no surprising that company was co-founded by legendary surfer Laird Hamilton. Many golfers who personally been on a golf board, say that this board changes the golfing experience. With over 300 courses now offering electric golf board rentals and hundreds of thousands of boards rounds and played, this electric golf carts have proven the ability to attract to new players and energize this sport. The proprietary 4-wheel positraction feature provides solid climbing ability even on steepest hills, the golf board is primarily controlled using a one touch thumb throttle which allows the user to smoothly accelerate and decelerate, its abuse and safety is optimized by an on-board computer that monitor speed and controls the braking, the rider simply releases the thumb throttle and the board immediately decelerates and come to a complete stop. The golf board is the only board available with spring deck technology which utilized flexible spring plates, the spring deck technology gives the board amazing suspension and flex proofing an extremely smooth ride; The battery capacity provides sufficient power to easily complete 18 holes on a single charge, the premium products comes with premium price tag, as you can pick one up for around $7,000. Problem with the golf board is that it is very tricky to drive, might be challenging for some golfers.

golf board


In 2017 Ellwee was founded by Johansson and Mateus Lim Mark who before were online entrepreneurs, it’s based in Sweden, they claim themselves as the future of electric powered transportation, and aim to become a market leader in light weight electric vehicles, comes around $5,000. Ellwee delivers a versatile agile and fun to drive experience, it has re-imagines golf bike and utility vehicles and has been developed to hold anything you desire through modular components such as collars groups to golfbag carrier and storage attachment, the max speed is around 20m/h(course operators can dial-it down), the range around 60 miles. Ellwee doesn’t rely on big high powered petrol driven engines, instead they use energy efficient 1500W motor. You can charge conveniently on any wall socket, some golfers absolutely love the model 4 wheel aesthetics design, while it’s not much smaller than a standard 2-person cart, storage space could become an issue.

Ellwee Golf Cart

Finn Scooters

What do you get when you cross a moped with a golf motorcycle? you get a 2 wheel electric golf motorcycle experience that is thrilling, simple and efficient, the Finn was invented by Rick Rhymers who also currently runs the company as CEO. The electric golf cart carries your golf club between your legs while riding, positioning the golf clubs in the center of the bike promotes incredible maneuverability and stability. The company claims you can average about 7.5 minutes per hole or 18 holes in just over two hours, the Finn Scooter golf motorcycle has stage of the art technology behind it, they have patented internally geared hub that allows for more torque to climb up any hills or slopes you may encounter on or off the course; the battery systems is meant to provide 600 – 1000 charging cycles, where it will last 18 holes in charging cycle, they also have motorcycle grade suspension for a premium riding experience, this golf scooter cart rounds around $3,500 and is well worth the price tag if you can swing it. Two-wheeled Finn Cycle offers a nimbler ride, but the lack of stability is an issue for few.

Finn Golf Scooter

Gohemian Turf Cruiser

Gohemian Turf cruiser offers a bit of exercise with your golf game, think of the Turf Cruiser as kind of crossover scooter golf cart that pairs the physicality and dependence of walking with the comfort of riding in a standard golf push cart. The hybrid vehicle offers a 750W electric assist feature which has 3 setting, low, medium and high to tailor to the level of exercise you would like to achieve. There are times when you want to play golf without distractions, riding solo on the Turf Cruiser you can stay focused on your game. The cruiser is said to decrease your time of play by 30-45 minutes, the bike has a top speed of 13m/h, and weight about 190 pounds, it puts players with busy schedules get exercise while playing golf, so they don’t have to choose between hitting the links or hitting the gym. After many year of playing contact sports, Chris Allen Bohemians founder discovered golf and soon became passionate about the game, playing every weekend and squeezing it around whenever he could after work, so he started researching and soon had his answer, an electric assist vehicle, unfortunately they aren’t for sale for personal use, as they are just getting started, but they are expanding the number of courses that offer the turf cruiser instead of traditional carts.

Gohemian Turf Cruiser

Golf Skate Caddy

Similar to the golf board, the Caddy allows you ride standing up but a main difference here is the option to ride seated also. The company just released the 2020 version of the Golf Skate Caddy V3, despite only being officially launched at the PGA’s 2014 merchandise show in Orlando Florida, Golfers and clubs around the globe have been clamoring to get their feet on the totally unique Golf Caddy ever since the first prototypes were released and word quickly spread, the Caddy is gently round the course quieter than a traditional golf bike, more decadently decked out than most cars while staying simple to operate. Some of the features include 5V USB port, storage for balls, keys and a bit replaces bucket quick released seats, high wind resistant umbrella, drink holder and cooler, and it lasts 18 holes on a single charge, the auto engaging park brake allows the vehicle to stay put on hills or slopes, it will run you about $5,000, but if you golf a lot, we consider the price tag well worth it.

Golf Skate Caddy


Put on kikstarter in 2016 by creator Josh, the Caruca was able to raise its initial 20k investment to put the vehicle and production, combing a sleek model design and a comfortable ride the Caruca is a great new approach to the single rider golf cart, with a wheel base specifically engineered for stability and a low centralized weight distribution, Caruca offers rider a safe single rider option, top speed is 10 mile/h, while the vehicle is lacking a bit in power, it does provide the option to stand or sit which is nice for riders of all ages, last for up to two rounds on a single charge, the vehicle is easy to drive and less of a learning curve means a wider range of golfers can hop on and go without needing to sign any waivers for watching informational videos, the price in campaign was $3,700 and still in this price range today. It’s not often we talk about CG locations relative to golf carts, as it’s design might not win many golfers or golf club appeals.

Caruca golf scooter

Phat Scooters

Phat scooters founded by Dan Hankins and Peter Johnson in 2017, they are remarkably easy to ride and handle, allowing even the most motorcycle averse to have a safe experience on the golf course, while your bag rests comfortably behind your seat, Pat Perez of the PGA Tour said it feels like riding a couch, the electric golf scooters are built to speed up the pace of play all while ensuring fun and exciting game for players, the 2020 golf electric scooter comes fully loaded with a golf bag rack, cooler, vivid bottle, non damaging kick stand, removable battery and much more, the battery offers up to 3 rounds with a single charge, the wide tires for easy balance and traction, the heavy duty suspension for a luxurious ride and the extreme low maintenance are just a few of the reasons golfers love the Phat scooter golf cart.

This golf electric scooter can be purchased or leased with a cost starting at $3,400 and 95 per month financial when purchasing. Last you up to 2 rounds on a single charge. It's more or less the the same with Fat Tire Golf Scooter.

Phat Scooters

Fat Tire Golf Electric Scooter

Founded by Kurt Buddy in 2017, G3 rider foldable single seat golf buggy is great solution for getting around the golf course, offers two options being two wheeled and three wheel golf scooter cart, a golf eggs sits perfectly behind you as you ride on the scooter golf cart, with hand accelerator and brakes you will find the rider very easy and simple to get use to it, includes a heavy duty golf bag holder, sand bottle for divot repair, removable cooler, a drink holder, tea holder. All of the scooter golf cart can be locked at approximately 15 miles per hour for course safety, although individual purchasers can unlock that feature and go up to 25 miles per hour, the battery can last up to two rounds on a single charge, and takes about 6 to 8 hours to fully charge. Fat tire electric golf cart is less damaging than a traditional golf cart, the price starts at about $3400 for the least expensive model and goes up from there. We’ll say it is no difference than Phat scooters.

Fat tire golf scooter

Southbound Golfie

If you prefer to get a little more exercise while you play golf and the Golfie is a perfect alternative, a light and versatile electric golf bicycle built from the ground up to play golf in style, allows you to choose from your desired degree of fitness, from 0 or no assists to 5 of full assists and complete 18 holes in just over 2h, this multi functional golf bike features many golf specific accessories, for example wide turf friendly tires, extended mud guards, a kickstand with an over sized foot and the patented design registered golf bag holder which firmly hold any size golf bag on a perfectly balanced position, it’s quick release attachment systems allows for multiple placements, easy transportation or alternate use as a commuter, the 500W motor and 48V battery offers plenty of power to help you climb inclines with ease and ranges up to 40 miles on single charge, runs about $2,000 and will ship from south Africa

Southbound Golfie scooter

Other motorized golf cart Alternatives

Segway Golf Cart Scooter

The Segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric “personal transportation vehicle” that is operated in a standing position like foot scooter.

It’s easy to manoeuvre, and much smaller than a standard golf car. Special low-pressure tires barely disturb the turf and provide a smooth ride over a variety of terrain. Based upon the Segway X2, it features new LeanSteer technology, a wireless InfoKey controller, long-lasting lithium-ion batteries. The golfing Segways have turf-friendly tires, golf bag carriers and scorecard holders to keep your scorecard, golf balls, and tees readily accessible.

Segway Golf Cart Scooter


A Canadian company called Vantage Tag Systems recently introduced a electric golf cart called the Pacer, taking orders for 800 in its initial industry outreach. One course in Florida even upgraded its entire 144-cart fleet with single-rider Pacers, which come in five colors, Bluetooth compatible, and have charging ports for phones.

The Pacer motorized golf cart allows courses to increase the pace of play significantly over the more common and less efficient two passenger carts. They also come standard equipped with the Vantage Tag System which helps track location for pace of play and security purposes as well as geo-fencing.

PACER golf cart

Golf Scooter Reviews (Finn Cycle vs Phat scooters)

golf scooter review
free shipping
extra shipping $395
extra shipping $395
free shipping
Battery Replacement $649/25Ah $1,100/23Ah $495/20Ah $499
2 Wheels
2 Wheels
Trike Scooter
2 Wheels
Speed & Power
2000W 60V
2000W 60V
2000W 72V
1000W 48V
8mph, 13mph or 20mph
25.2 Ah
20 Ah
Not  disclosed
30-50 miles
30-50 miles
25 miles
Not  disclosed
Charger AC 110V 5 Amp AC 110V 5 Amp AC 110V 3 Amp AC 120 V 2 Amp
Charging Time
4-6 hours
4-6 hours
8-10 hours
4.5 hours
What’s In Box
Golf Bag Holder
Scorecard and pencil holder
Carrier Rack
Cooler Box
Sand bottle
Removable Cooler
Drink holder
Scorecard and pencil holder
LED headlight
Sand bottle
Removable Cooler
Drink holder
Scorecard and pencil holder
LED headlight

Weight Capacity

350 lbs

350 lbs

300 lbs

250 lbs

Ground Clearance




Not  disclosed

Not  disclosed

Added Features


Cooler box included
Headlight speedometer

Customized Color

Standard Black, other color +$80

APP: Users can unlock the scooter for rental use.



155 lbs

175 lbs

210 lbs (not including a bag)

80 lbs /92 lbs with battery



80”L x 30”W x 44”H

85”L x 32”W x 46.5”H

85”L x 30”W x 46” H.

72”L x 28”W x 42”H


2 YEARS (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor))

1 YEAR (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor)

1 YEAR (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor)

1 YEAR (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor)

Golf Scooter Reviews - by end users or golf course owners:

ORLANDO, Fla. – I bought motorcycle golf cart for the my course but now I find myself taking it for daily chores, I use it to run my dog, and just go out for a Sunday cruise. If you are on the fence just do it. So much fun. Great stress reliever after a hard day as well..

Thought 1: I impulse buy a lot and usually regret it. Not this time! We play much faster on Koppla golf scooter cart!

Thought 2: Took my first ride on golf scooter cart yesterday, unbelievably fun and I was stopped by so many people on the golf course inquiring about them, the talk of my club!

Thought 3: It is amazing how quickly a foursome can play when each player has their own cart, people have a blast riding it and they’re attracting new and repeat customers.

Thought 4: Also … don’t fall off!

golf scooter cart review

Golf industry is limited in ways to generate new revenue. It has all been done one way or another. More and more golf courses have slowly starting offering their clients single rider golf cart options with amazing success. Not only is a single rider cart perfect for golfers who can’t always round up 3 friends on short notice to join and then are forced into a traditional 2 man cart with a stranger, but it also can speed up the game by 20 to 30% thus creating more and much needed green fee revenue. In this economic climate courses need to be more creative when trying to differentiate themselves from the competition and target a wider demographic. Motorized golf cart are a perfect and fresh way to evolve.

It has taken time for the golf cart industry to evolve from gas to electric, so naturally adapting to something as new as a golf electric won't happen overnight. Because of the times and the circumstances, however, the shift is being accelerated and could be the start of the next big change for the industry, just like the popularity of electric bikes and electric scooters.

Shop Golf Scooter:

Outlook on the future: green becomes clean

The word clean in relation to vehicles and technology may be a better perspective than "green" or "electric" since it looks a few steps further than simply electric propulsion or the impact of technology on the environment.

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