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Tips While Cycling

Tips While Cycling

May 21, 2009

Safety can be increased by motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians by communicating your intentions.

  1. Hold Your Line - Keep both hands on the handlebars, ride in a straight line, be consistent and be predictable. Avoid erratic movements and make sure to signal before you make a lane change or turn.
  2. Wear Your Helmet - Make sure to wear your helmet. Make sure it is fitted properly. Wearing a helmet can save your life.
  3. Use Road Sense - Interact positively with traffic and communicate with drivers. Let drivers know of your intentions.
  4. Visibility - Be safe and be seen! Wear bright and reflective clothing. Can drivers see you? Avoid vehicle blind spots.
  5. Be Prepared - Always have you ID, money, phone, repair kit, bike tools and water with you when you ride. 6.Courteous Riding - Treat others like you would like to be treated. Each roadway user is responsible for their own actions and must obey all traffic laws. Be a courteous rider and Share the Road.
  6. Keep Your Head Up - Looking ahead will give you enough time to maneuver around any obstacles that you may encounter. Be aware of the riding environment.
  7. Can You Hear Me Now? - Don’t ride with earphones or any device that would prevent you from hearing. Listen to your environment to help avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  8. Be Attentive – Do not text or use devices while riding. Focus on the road.
  9. Yield - Always yield to pedestrians and equestrians.

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