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How to Import Electric Scooter from China

How to Import Electric Scooter from China

January 15, 2019

How to import Electric Scooter | Chinese Scooter: Complete Guide

“Life is like a snowball. The important thing is finding wet snow and a really long hill”- Warren Buffett

We believe electric micro-mobility could be your snowball! Love it or hate it, Electric Scooter is everywhere, as a wholesaler or importer, how can we make a fortune out of it? Here below a quick guide might offers a hint:

  1. Is it still good to import electric scooters, hoverboard, citycoco, moped pedelec from China?

Market Trend on Electric Scooters

We verified above trends with several logistic partners we working with, and export customs figures on internet support such conclusion,.

We discovered that most electric scooter manufactured in Zhejiang and GuangDong provice, and big port of them are exported to the US and West Europe since the end of 2014. But during 2019, the amount exported to other countries grow rapidly as well. For importers from the United States and the Europe, it might be a little late to start, otherwise it will continue to be a good option to start your snowball rolling, few competitors, many potential customers, high profit, so it is worth a try.

  1. How to choose the right reliable manufacturing partners?

Spare parts are easy to buy online. 2 wheel scooter is not as difficult to produce. A small factory can buy wheels, boxes and circuit boards from different suppliers, simply assemble with the battery. That's why there are thousands of suppliers that sell it on Alibaba, Global sources, Aliexpress, and it will be a difficult job to find the right one. Below factors matter most to a reliable cooperation not just buying and selling:

Quality is the key, crucial to a business success of fail.

Price is the key to your targeting market.

Service support from factory, good service may save up a lot of time and money.

Key Contact salesman, good and on time communicating is very important to a pleasant purchasing.

If you want to import, B2C platform Aliexpress will not be a good option here.  The B2B platform like Alibaba or Google search will be the best way, but you must be more patient and careful. You can check more detailed article on how to find a good supplier. 

  1. Should I distribute branded scooter or OEM my own?

Distribution tends to be a more cooperative relationship with supplier and easier to start. Time needs to be spent nurturing your OEM brand so that customers will have an in-depth knowledge of products and services. A summary of the advantages and disadvantages of distribution and OEM:

  • Advantages to Branded Distributors:

Products are sold under certain brand, No ads expense

Customer already know of brand, easier to get in market

Local distribution channel, no need to wait long delivery from China

  • Disadvantages to Branded Distributors:

Long wait at the beginning to get distribution contracts signed, all set up and running globally may take a year

Fixed MSRP, less expense, less labor input, means low profit

Many more relationships for global coverage compared with the OEM route

  • Advantages to OEM:

Products are sold under your brand, added value during time

Less interactive with others, price strategy as you wish

Higher profit, more flexible marketing

  • Disadvantages to OEM:

Hard to find the right good quality supplier partner

Taking time and risks of importing

If we put it in bigger picture, marketing of your own brand is more profitable, more anticipating business mode, more aligned with snowball theory.

What is the HS code and import tariff?

8711 - Motorcycles, incl. mopeds, and cycles fitted with an auxiliary motor, with or without side-cars; side-cars

871160 - Motorcycles, incl. mopeds, and cycles fitted with an auxiliary motor, with electric motor for propulsion

871190 - Motorcycles, incl. mopeds, and cycles fitted with an auxiliary motor and side cars for motorcycles (excluding with reciprocating internal combustion piston engine)

  1. How to choose the right types of electric scooter, ebikes, citycoco?

Electric scooter by size: 5.5~6.5inch / 8.5inch / 10inch

Electric scooter by battery capacity: 2.6AH(kids), 4.4AH, 5.2AH, 6.6AH, 7.8AH, 10.4AH, 12.8AH, 20AH

Electric scooter by type:

Classic Xiaomi Model

Economic Version

Upgrade model: widewheel, off-road, removable battery, dual motor

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