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10 things you need to know before buying city coco scooter

10 things you need to know before buying city coco scooter

August 30, 2020

10 things you need to know before buying city coco scooter

1,What’s city coco scooter? (view catalog)

City Coco scooters is two-seats or three-seats electric scooters that can travel at speeds of up to 45 km/h and can travel up from 100 km~180km range with a single charge (depending on the weight of the rider, max. 200 kg). It’s also called Harley scooter, fat tire scooter, big wheel scooter, scooter electrico 2000w, The fat tire scooter is equipped with a 1500w / 2000 w / 3000 w / 4000 w electric brushless motor and equipped with Li-Ion battery 60V 12Ah/20AH/40AH/60AH. The front and rear disc brakes, the double seat and the hydraulic shock absorbers ensure a comfortable and pleasant ride. The charging time for the e-scooter battery is around 5 hours. 

2Do I need a license and Can I ride city coco scooter legally?

You can legally drive the fat tire electric scooter 2000W on the road. The fat tire scooter has EEC and COC certificates, each Harley scooter comes with a COC certificate inside it’s storage box, which includes all the info needed to apply a license plate. it means the scooter can be easily registered with the road administration. If necessary, we can help with registration. The big wheel electric scooter offers a quiet, economical and environmentally friendly drive.

3The benefits of riding a city coco scooter?

When using the fat tire electric scooter, you don't have to go to the gas station, and there are no emissions or noise. The easiest way to recharge the battery of the big wheel scooter electric is when you don't need it - in the office, at home or wherever there is a power socket. What’s more, Fanco fat tire electric scooter support 1~3pcs removable battery, that means you can double or triple your range easily swap a battery when the battery dead! You can charge the battery in the same way as your mobile phone or laptop.

4Do I need driver’s license?

Fat tire electric scooter is an AM category vehicle. An AM category motor vehicle can also be driven by a person who has a driver's license or a restricted driver's license. If you were born before January 1, 1993, you do not need a driver's license. If you have any further questions about driving law, please contact the Road Administration's examination department directly. 

It is also necessary to take out traffic insurance, which can be taken out from various service providers.

5What’s CoC documents for and what ‘s it looks like?

The CoC documents (including CoC, Certificate of Conformity, EU Certificate of Conformity) contain all the technical features and data required for vehicle registration.

The CE marking was created within the framework of existing EU legislation to ensure safe products for the end user. The CE certificate proves that the products comply with EU regulation 765/2008 and can be sold and used in the EU!

- Every vehicle must be equipped with the CoC type approval certificate.

- Every vehicle must have a VIN code and a data plate.

- The approval of the data plate must match the type approval

citycoco CoC

6, Advice on Citycoco battery maintenance and charging:

If the battery is not used frequently, it must be charged at least every 30 days.

7, Where can I ride the city coco scooter?

You can ride the fat tire scooter on a roadway or on a bike path. A bicycle lane is a section of road that is separated or separated from a roadway and is marked with appropriate traffic signs. The scooter driver is not allowed to drive on a pedestrian crossing, which also means that the scooter cannot be driven on the sidewalk. 

When driving a motorcycle or moped, the driver must wear a handicapped-accessible motor helmet. The motorized helmet and the motorized helmet visor must comply with E-Rule No. 22 and have a type approval.

8What kind color available for city coco scooter?

Available colors: there’s huge colors available, RED, BLUE, BLACK, LIGHT BLUE, LIGHT PINK….and we accept Customized pattern as well.

9, How fast can I go on a city coco scooter?

It depends the brushless motor equipped, Theoretically, scooter electrico 1500W motor can reach 45km/h, citycoco electrico 2000W-55km/h, 3000W 70km/h, but for EEC citycoco scooters, need to limit the speed under 45km/h (some countries 25km/h) And you can release the speed via refit.

10What’s the price for city coco scooter? And How far can I reach on a city coco scooter? 

Price for fat tire electric scooter varies from different motor power and battery capacity, with CoC certificate or without, We Fanco offers high quality city coco scooters at most competitive factory price, Basic model our offer $285/pc. The basic equipment includes a 60V 12Ah battery.

You can buy a 20Ah 60V auxiliary battery. With 2*20Ah battery, you can cover up to 120 km on one charge. With 3*20Ah battery you can reach max 180km range around.

If you would like a personalized offer for several scooters, an e-scooter registration with the road administration or the transport to the desired destination, please contact us! Email:  

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