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How to maintain the electric scooter battery?

How to maintain the electric scooter battery?

December 26, 2019

How to maintain the electric scooter battery?

A good electric scooter can tell from the first selection of materials, and high-quality selection is the basis. As the heart of an electric scooter, the battery directly affects the endurance and service life of the scooter. Here we give you tips on how to maintain the electric scooter battery.

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01 How to stock the electric scooter if don't ride it for longtime?

For safety, during transportation, the electric scooter battery will not be fully charged before leaving the factory. Generally, it will be charged to 60% ~ 70%. If the wholesaler customer does not rush to sell the product within 3~6 months after receiving the goods, check the battery time by time and charge it and then stock. If end customer purchases the scooter, it should charge to full before riding.

 02 How to charge an electric scooter battery safely?

The electric scooter battery's own problem and bad charging habits caused the battery to overheat, short circuit, etc. In order to prevent explosions, it is crucial on the first step to choose products of high quality that are produced by regular electric scooter manufacturers. ( tips on choosing electric scooter manufacturer )

    • Lithium batteries are non-memory batteries. Customers are advised to regularly charge or recharge the battery pack after each or every day of riding. This will greatly increase the battery pack's service life. It is not recommended to ride until the battery dead, it is not recommended to discharge more than 90% of the battery capacity.
    • Do not charge in direct sunlight, keep away from open flames and high temperature heat sources
    • Don't overcharge it. It takes 3-5 hours for a normal charger to go from empty to full. Once it’s full, unplug it. 
    • The electric scooter battery capacity is measured at room temperature of 25 ° C. Therefore, in winter, it is normal the battery capacity show a slight decrease in mileage. In winter, it is recommended to charge the battery pack in a place with high ambient temperature to ensure the battery can be fully charged.
    • Try not to use fast charging on the street. Fast charging is convenient and cheap, but at the same time, fast charging will also damage the battery, which will shorten the battery life and cause safety accidents. Safety first!
    • Lithium batteries are suitable for charging before use, and charging once ≠ one charge-discharge cycle, so don’t charge until it’s completely dead, which will cause great damage to the internal electrodes of the lithium battery. If you won’t ride the electric scooter for a long time, you need to charge it regularly. It is best to keep the lithium battery's power at about 30%.
    • 7 Use the rated voltage for charging. Although an excessively high charging voltage can speed up, it will also reduce the life of the lithium battery of electric scooter.
    • Several ways to Maximize electric scooter battery life.

03 Fanco electric scooter battery workshop


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