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Self Balancing Fat Tire Electric Scooter - The Tesla of Vehicles in 2021

Self Balancing Fat Tire Electric Scooter - The Tesla of Vehicles in 2021

September 18, 2021

Fat Tire Electric Scooter - The Tesla of E-scooters

Why is Electric Transportation Becoming more Popular?

-Electric Vehicles Are Not Just the Wave of the Future, They’re Saving Our Planet.

Cruising around all cities, you may have noticed more and more electric scooters / electric vehicles on the road, and there’s a reason why, more citizens are passionate about the environment and all things electric…electric scooters, electric bikes, citycoco scooters, electric massager, electric golf scooter. (download catalog) All sizes, more affordable prices, lower maintenance costs, tax credits, European personal transportation bonus, even the impact of COVID-19 crisis, helps booming the market of electric scooters and e-bikes.

google trends electric scooter

What is fat tire electric scooter? (click)

-Cruise In Style & Built For Adventure

The fat tire electric scooter, also called Citycoco Scooter or big wheel scooter, simply physics that big wheel electric scooter or Chopper motorcycle with 2 fat tire wheels, means stability is automatically improved.

Fat tire electric scooter powered by 1500w/2000w/3000w rear hub motor, Citycoco with 12Ah/20Ah/30Ah removable Lithium battery. They do riding like a chopper motorcycle but more comfortable, ergonomic and eye-catching designs.

The max range of fat tire citycoco scooter could reach 40 to 55 km base on single piece 20Ah battery. The max speed can go up to 30-50 km/h, max load is 200 kg.

Fat tire electric scooters are also fun to use as they take users to remote locations, whether for riding on snow-covered paths, sand or rainy streets, electric big wheel scooters are very sleek and stylish and are great for zipping around town, riding to work, or exploring your city.

Citycoco Scooter Review

Fat tire scooter Features

-Smooth, Quite, Carefree Rides, Mobility, Leisure, Powerful, Cool

Big wheel electric scooter provides a smooth and stable ride experience, comes with comfortable padded seat, front fork suspension, a large deck, and thick tires that provide traction and stability. This is also a versatile scooter, and you’ll be able to sit or stand while driving as it has adjustable handlebars and spaceful standing board, which allow for a variety of riding positions, better age-suited than regular tire smaller electric scooters. Similar to a chopper motorcycle, a fat scooter is more of a cruiser than a regular tire electric scooter, just twist and Go Throttle, the riding is both comfortable and exciting.

  • SILENT FAT TIRE DESIGN -- the fat/wide wheels keep this scooter balanced all on it’s own, very stable while riding, super quite and comfortable.
  • 30MPH TOP SPEED -- The scooter electrico 1500W/2000w/3000w scooter brush-less hub motor propels this adult electric scooter to a max speed of 30mph per hour in few seconds, and whisper quite while hitting the road.
  • LONG RANGE –12Ah or 20Ah battery with improved performance and longer range (20-40 Miles / 30-50 Miles), customer could have extra piece battery, now many models support 2 or 3 removable battery tank at the same time, which would double or triple the mileage to 100km easily(90KM Citycoco)
  • STEADY AND COMFORTABLE – the scooter bike has 1 or 2 padded seats support, premium hydraulic shocks, vibration absorbing wide tubeless tires and a 8 inch ground clearance. and you’ll be able to sit or stand while driving, thanks to its adjustable handlebars and spaceful standing board, which allow for a variety of riding positions.This is difficult or even impossible with other narrow-tire electric scooters.!
  • COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED – easy installed mud guard and step board makes customized super easy, you can completely customize your very own patterns, colors and accessories to perfectly fit your personal needs! DIY Off-Road Tire citycoco, Golf scooter is easy.

Customized Citycoco Scooter

  • SIMPLE OPERATION AND CONVENIENT – electric Citycoco scooters (catalog) has key start and remote start, power display system more obvious to show battery state for user.

Main parts of a big wheel electric scooter.

Motor - 1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W

The fat tire electric scooter equipped a single rear-hub brush-less motor that cranks out powerful energy with a twisting throttle. Though the commuting is a personal sports electric vehicle, weighing in at 70kg(110lbs), the motor has more than enough power to propel a rider to top speed(45km/h) in just a few seconds, and even maintain that speed while cruising up hills. It’s perfect for the riders looking to use this fat tire electric scooter as a city commuting tool.


Typically, Citycoco motors are rated for the maximum power they can sustain continually, riders could run fat electric scooter at much higher power for brief periods (2-3 times rated Voltage and Ampere), but the higher phase current you push to it, the faster it will reach the critical temperature (generally about 130 degrees Celsius before really bad things start to happen). So a good quality controller is essential for a Citycoco Scooter

Most "1000W" DD Hubs can take 2000 to 3000 Watts for maybe 10 minutes. Factory would recommend standard configuration group of motor, battery and controller.

Battery - 60V 12A /20A/30A (How to Maintain?)

FAQ about Fat Tire Electric Scooter battery:

Q1 : what is max range for this battery?

A1:  12A - 30~35KM / 20A – 50~55KM / 30A – 95~100KM

Q2 : what is charging time for this battery?

A2:  12A – 4~6h/ 20A – 5~--8h / 30A – 10~12h

Q3 : what is warranty for the battery ?

A3:  6 month after arrival.

Q4: What percent of capacity battery charged when shipment?

A4: Normally 50% or so, because it will be safe when shipping.

Q5: How long can I store the battery ?

A5: We suggest to discharge & recharge the battery every 3 months, it can keep battery full capacity & good function.

Technical Specifications about 20A chopper Electric Scooter

Technical Specifications about 20A chopper Electric Scooter


Nominal voltage


Nominal capacity

18.4 Ah

Cell and assembly method


Stored energy

576 Wh

Internal resistance

≤ 50mΩ


>1000 cycles


< 3% per month

Energy efficiency

> 96%

Standard Charge

Charge voltage

67.2V ± 0.1V

Charge mode

CC/CV : Constant Current / Constant Voltage

Maximum continuous charge current

10A/ 20A


7.2 KG

Tire & Rim

8 inch Iron fat tire electric scooter / 10 inch Aluminum alloy citycoco / 18 inch chopper electric scooter, 10 inch three wheel Citycoco scooter

Brake System / Mud Guard / Shock suspension / Seat

Lights / Display / Handle bar / Charger

Citycoco Scooter Parts

Things to Consider when choosing a Fat Tire Scooter

Riding position & height

For most riders, it is a matter of comfort. Regarding regular electric scooter allow users stand upright, or added a small seat, anyhow, Citycoco Scooter 2000W offers spaceful step board, many user call theses scooters electric choppers. The bars are adjustable forward and back for a relaxed upright body position, you can stand for comfort when riding over bumps, and these probably are why fat tire electric scooters are now used by large groups visiting objectives, riders could sit back and relax for hours. Alternatively standing would be tiresome.

side fork Citycoco

(Side Fork CityCoco)

Battery and Max Range

Battery capacity is signal for the mileage of a full charged fat tire electric scooter. For this concern, thanks to recent advances in battery technology, Citycoco Scooter range is improving rapidly and can now exceed 100 km (2pc 20Ah removable battery), a City Coco scooter(90km per single charger) with larger or extra battery tends to be more popular, as it can be charged away from home and used for longer distances to meet city riders daily travel distance. Estimated electric scooter battery charging time, and range below for refer:

60V 12A - estimated max range 30~35KM

60V 20A –estimated max range 50~55KM

60V 30A –estimated max range 95~100KM (30A CityCoco M8)

Charging time(3A charger)

12A –estimated charging 4~6h

20A –estimated charging 5~--8h

30A –estimated charging 10~12h (30A Chopper)

Fat Tire Electric Scooter Battery

Top speed (65km/h scooter)

Common fat tire electric scooters with 1000w/1500w brushless hub motor, propels the adult electric scooter to a max speed of 30mph per hour.

Like below T2 fat tire electric scooter has a max speed of 30 mph, anyhow it can hit 50 mph if you choose 3000w motor, a lot faster than most of its competitors, though it requires a license plate, you are also required to wear a helmet and can only drive on the road. especially at top speed, feels like riding a fat tire motorcycle but much lower noises hitting on the road.

However, having a slightly lower top speed(1500w) doesn’t mean downside to a e-scooter, it will draw less overall power from the battery, helps to increase the range compared to faster fat tire scooters

Harley Electric Scooter

Consider licenses - What licenses needed?

With cool design and comfortable riding performance, citycoco electric scooter makes the perfect transport tool for short distance traveling. Before you decide to have your own City Coco, it’s crucial to know local transportation rules in your city.

Citycoco scooter 2000w possesses all the characteristic as a Harleys motorcycle: turning signal, rear mirror, horn, front and rear led light, reflector, etc. As the motor power of fat tire citycoco is far more than 250w, they should be classified as motorcycles. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency would require your Citycoco scooter to be registered, taxed and insured, driving license is also necessary. Most importantly, it is EEC/COC approved. You should make a call to local transport department to see the detailed regulation about this new-rising electric vehicle.

Few Chinese factory(How to import from Chinese) have EEC/COC fat tire electric scooter stocked in European warehouse, which will guarantee the legality to ride on public road. They’re looking for potential distributors, retailers and customers from all over Europe countries, and they offer to door, tax free delivery service as well. (Mail for Stock List)

EU Warehouse Citycoco Scooter Freight Chart

Price – factory wholesale price / EU warehouse drop shipping price

City coco Scooter doesn't always means expensive, depends on offering styles, motor, battery capacity, frames, tire sizes, EEC/COC Citycoco etc, and quality parts like suspension, hydraulic front and rear disc brakes, front headlight, double-sided kickstand, pneumatic tires, twist throttle and patterns also vary the costs. Aside from the upgraded battery, there’s also quite a few other extra accessories optional, including a delivery basket, deck graphics, wheel lock, beverage holder, rear view mirrors, speakers, phone holders, LED lighting, GOLF BAG RACK, customized wrapped fenders, hard plastic carrying case and more.

Who’s fat tire scooter for - Relaxed cruisers

Fat Tire Electric Scooter feels like a good choice for those looking to cruise in style and comfort. Citycoco scooter excels at commuting longer distances and silently rolling over ground. For those want a stable commuter that’s easy and fun to ride and have plenty of space to store it, this wide wheel electric scooter is definitely worth consideration. (golf gadgets on course)

The fat scooters also used for various purposes. Not limited to these mentioned, here’s what they are best at.

Citycoco Scooter

Fat Tire Electric Scooter Specification

  • Motor:1000W / 1500W / 2000W / 3000W Brushless Hub Motor
  • Battery: 60V 12Ah / 20Ah / 30Ah
  • Range: 12Ah – 30~35km / 20Ah – 55~60km / 30Ah – 95~100km
  • Recommended Age: 16+ Years Old
  • Start Mode: Key Start / Remote Start
  • Brake: hydraulic brake
  • Top Speed:30mph(2000W) / 58mph(3000W)
  • Charge time:6-8H(12Ah/20Ah)
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 70.8L"" x 32W"" x 44.5H""
  • Package Dimensions: 76""L x 18""W x 36""H
  • Product Weight: 200 lbs
  • Weight Limit: 450 lbs


Iron frame + Brown Box

Citycoco Scooter Packing


  • 1x Fat Tire Electric Scooter
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x Tool Box

Customer review

Buyer A: Love my new scooter

It’s a blast! Cruising all over town with the music blasting. As people drive past always doing a double look at the scooter. Such a fun investment.

Buyer B: This thing rocks

The range is amazing and they are super fun to drive.

Buyer C:Fun for everyone

We love our scooters. Ages 14 to 52 all love to take a ride. We even went to get a few groceries this weekend using them.


I use my scooter as my primary commute vehicle. It’s a ton of fun to use this everyday. If you’re in a situation where you can do this, it’s worth it.

Buyer E: Rolling Scooter

Turns heads every where I go, Perfect for ridng around the beach, ride it to the gym ever morning so easy no car

ABOUT US: Fanco are a team of friends, engineers and careerists in design & research of new technologies to free daily commuters in city life. We believe there’s a better way to get around, that’s not only better for the world we live in but is also easier on our pockets and, much more fun!

Notice: Orders from EU will be shipped from our Holland Warehouse, anyhow US orders will be shipped from our China factory BY SEA + TO DOOR delivery, 1pc separately, the transit will take 30 days around, cost extra $250 on freight. For sure, Shipping, Clearance and Tax are included.

Europe & USA Warehouse - Fast Delivery to Door & Duty Free

Warehouse add: Roadjet Logistics.B.V.:  Sluisjesdijk 119, 3087, AE Rotterdam, Netherlands

M8 Fat Tire Scooter(3000W, EEC/COC, 30Ah, 90+km Range)

M1 Chopper (2000W, EEC/COC, 20Ah, 60km Range)

CP-1.6 Fat Tire Scooter (2000W, EEC/COC, 2x20Ah, 100+km Range)

CP-3 Three Wheel Escooter (2000W, EEC/COC Trike, 2x20Aah, 100+km Range)

X7 10In Folding Scooter (350W, 5Ah, Max Speed 25km/h, 15km Range)

X8 10In Folding Scooter (350W, 10Ah, Max Speed 25km/h, 35km Range)

Side Fork Scooter

Golf Scooter / Golf Trike

Quality Assurance

CE EEC COC for fat tire electric scooter

Factory Tour (catalog)

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