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Fat Tire City Coco Scooter - Practical Consideration before Buying

Fat Tire City Coco Scooter - Practical Consideration before Buying

February 24, 2020 1 Comment

Practical Consideration before Buying City Coco Scooter - 2020 (catalog)

What can the fat tire electric scooter do?

The big wheel scooter is mix of Harley Davidson and fat moped scooter - but is neither one nor the other. With its thick fat tire, the citycoco scooter is said to be the Porsche among the electric scooters.

The special thing about the city coco scooter: the wide wheels. It’s literally the "unique bullet point", The fat scooters ensure riders on the citycoco Harley does not fall over even releases the handlebar.

Fat tire electric scooter powered by 1500w/2000w/3000w rear hub motor, Citycoco with 12Ah/20Ah/30Ah removable Lithium battery. They do riding like a Chopper motorcycle but more comfortable, ergonomic and eye-catching designs.

City Coco electric scooters are also fun to ride as they take users to remote locations, whether for riding on snow-covered paths, sand or rainy streets, electric Harley scooters are very sleek and stylish and are great for zipping around town, riding to work, or exploring your city or golfing.

3 wheel off road citycoco scooter

What to look for when buy a city coco scooter?

M1P Chopper Citycoco SPEC Battery Packing
Harley Scooter
Frame material: Seamless steel tube
Rims: iron 12 inch Aluminum wheel
Tire: 18 inch Airwheel
Motor: 1500W/2000W Brushless DC MOTOR
Product size: 1759*750*700mm
Packing size: 1180x380x770(L*W*H)
N.W/G.W: 80kg
Max Speed: 45/55/80km/h (1500w/2000w/3000w)
Maximum load: 200kg
Maximum mileage: 30-35KM(12AH battery)
60-65KM(20AH battery)
Maximum climbing: 40°
Accelerator: Handlebar
Front Rear brake: Hydraulic Disc Brake
Motor power: 60V 1500W/2000W Brushless DC motor
Charge time: 5-6 Hours
60V 12AH
Product size: 1759*750*700mm
Packing size: 1180x380x770(L*W*H)
60V 20AH
MEAS: 112*16*58CM
Qty /Carton: 1 PC
N.W.:12 KG
G.W.: 16 KG       
Upgrade to 2000W Qty /20ft container: 44PCS    
Qty /40ft HQ container:115PCS
Remark: Warranty: 1 year forbattery, 1 year for electric parts Features:  
Config: : 1500w motor 12ah/20ah battery ✔ Horn✔ front light✔ Digital power display✔
Rear reflector✔ Removable battery(*)✔ Front shock suspension✔
Rear shock suspension✔ Speed meter ✔Front turn light ✔Rear brake light and turn light ✔
Rear view mirrors✔
Extremely fast and long-range battery life
Removable Battery
Sports Design
Front & Rear shock suspension

Size and Weight

Harley scooter size

The citycoco scooter maybe the only electric scooter which you don’t have to improve anything on the saddle. The seat is ergonomically shaped and well padded. The thick wheels and  suspension works well and swallows up some bumps on the road. With a rider height of 6feet, you can release you legs down or forward on the running board. That makes driving a lot more relaxed.

Power - 1500w / 2000w / 3000w

The M1P city coco Harley adapt a single rear hub motor that cranks out 1500 watts of power with a twist of throttle, could upgrade to 2000w with only 30usd extra. Though the T2 citycoco 2000W is a heavy personal electric vehicle at 170 pounds, the motor has more than enough power to propel a rider to top speed in a few seconds, and even maintain that top speed while uphilling. It’s particular useful for the riders looking to use this big electric scooter in a hilly area.

Speed – 28 to 50 mph (1500w / 3000w)

The M1P fat tire electric scooter has a max speed of 28 mph, anyhow it can hit 50 mph if you choose 3000w motor, a lot faster than most of its competitors, though it requires a license plate, you are also required to wear a helmet and can only drive on the road. However, having a slightly lower top speed(1500w) doesn’t mean it will draw less overall power from the battery. The T2 citycoco harley feels very stable and powerful, especially at top speed, feels like riding a motorcycle but much lower noises hitting on the road.

1-3 speed mode

speed gear

Battery and Range - 30 to 50 miles (12AH /20AH /30AH Chopper)

The fat tire electric scooter factory offered two options of battery 12 ah / 20 ah / 30ah, which is stowed under the footstep, is fully charged with an estimated max range of 30 miles and 50 miles respectively. To recharge the battery, it is removable and connected to a conventional socket. And cost of 20ah is extra 100usd, quite reasonable considering to increase in almost double mileage. Even adapt with the 12 ah battery, the big wheel electric scooter rides far more miles than any electric kick scooters.

Koppla Golf Scooter

Factory Wholesale Price - Starting at $295-$750 (Learn more)

Starting at $295, the standard citycoco scooter is most common in market, 1500w motor, 12ah battery, not removable, no suspension, single seat, hydraulic front and rear disc brakes, front headlight, kickstand, a variety of colors to choose from. Harley T2, aside from the cool design, optional battery, there’s also quite a few other accessories available, including a horn, front and rear shock suspension, deck graphics, rear view mirrors, brake/turn light and more.

Who is it for - Relaxing cruisers

Citycoco scooter 1500W feels like a perfect tool for those aiming to cruise in style and fun. The fat tire scooter M1P excels at commuting longer distances and silently rolling over open road, comfort would likely be especially appealing for dwellers. While the speed is not very fast, the power and range is excellent. For those want a stable commuter that is easy and fun to ride and have plenty of space to store it, the Harley city coco would definitely worth consideration. (How to import from China - Click)

The big wheel scooter also used for various purposes. Not limited to these mentioned, here’s what they are best at.


CityCoco Scooter

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CP-3 Wheel Scooter (2000W, EEC/COC Trike, 2x20Aah, 100+km Range)

X7 Scooter (350W, 5Ah, Max Speed 25km/h, 15km Range)

X8 Electric Scooter (350W, 10Ah, Max Speed 25km/h, 35km Range)

Golf Motorcycle / Golf Trike

big wheel scooter

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Greg Bond

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